Democratic Superintendent Primary: Food For Thought


Something to consider if you’ve not yet voted in the Dem primary for Education Supe between David Garcia and Sharon Thomas.

The winner of this race will face either Thucky, aka John Huppenthal, or Diane Douglas, the teabagging single-issue anti-common core candidate.

The Thuckster and Douglas both are damaged candidates, giving Democrats a real shot at winning this seat. But this is Arizona, and it wouldn’t be the first time a crazy and unqualified candidate was elected.

While both Dems have the qualifications to run for state superintendent, only one candidate has the infrastructure to win: David Garcia.

Garcia has raised more than $200,000 and has almost every Democratic organization and elected official behind him. Thomas, on the other hand, hasn’t been able to gather steam and just yesterday switched from being a Clean Elections candidate to a traditionally funded candidate. It seems she wasn’t able to collect enough $5’s to qualify for funding, leaving her almost penniless before the election.

Sorry, but not being able to collect enough $5’s is a sign of a real organizational problem.

Even with a damaged Republican, Democrats will need a well-financed and organized candidate to win this seat. Whether it’s Thucky or Douglas who wins, the Rs will mount a vicious IE campaign. Sharon Thomas by all accounts is a fine person, but if she doesn’t have the resources to defend herself from the attacks, she won’t make it.

Think about that before you cast your vote.

[Disclosure: I personally support David Garcia in this race]