Democrats make major gains in state houses on election day


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

In Arizona, Democrats broke the GOP super-majority in the Arizona legislature, picking up four senate seats and four house seats (pending final vote tallies). This is well within the mean for a "correction" following GOP overreach. It's a beginning we can build upon.

Elsewhere around the country, Democrats had a good night. Ed Kilgore writes at the Political Animal  blog, Dems Make Major State Gains:

Our pre-election post
on the state legislative landscape mentioned as Democratic takeover
goals both Houses in Maine and Minnesota; the House in Colorado and
Oregon, and the Senate in New York. All were achieved
(check out the
National Conference of State Legislature’s nifty interactive results map
for details). Democrats also appear to have picked up the gigantic New
Hampshire House
(a major source of so many of those “we won a million
net seats!” claims from Republicans in 2010). And moreover, Republicans
failed in their own goals of picking up the Colorado, Iowa and
Washington Senates, or the New Mexico House (they did pick up one, and
possibly two, chambers in Arkansas, and consolidated temporarily-lost
control in Wisconsin and Alaska). [Wisconsin hurts after so much effort.]

Out here in California, it appears Democrats have finally achieved
the impossible dream of super-majorities in both Houses of the
legislature, breaking the veto power of the GOP over any legislation
involving taxes
.[But will they have the will to do it?]

It’s also important to note that Democratic state legislative gains
would have been a lot larger had not Republicans possessed the skill or
luck to engineer a national landslide immediately prior to decennial
redistricting. That saved many a chamber for the GOP last night.

* * *

[T]here were only eleven governorships up, eight currently held by
Democrats. Republicans, as expected, picked up North Carolina, but that
could be it in the way of partisan takeovers, depending on what
ultimately happens in Montana and Washington, where Democrats currently
lead with many votes still out.

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