Larry Bodine on the John C. Scott show: “I’ve been telling Democrats that it’s time to stand up and fight for your rights because these extremist Republicans are dangerous. We saw that on January 6th, two years ago. The radical Republicans have already stolen many of our rights. They’ve infringed on the right to vote. They’ve demolished reproductive rights. They’ve eliminated the right to a healthy environment. And they’ve destroyed the right to be safe from mass shootings and weapons of war.”


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Michael Bryan on the John C. Scott show: “The Republican party basically turned out a document that was negotiated behind closed doors that short-changes our citizens, short-changes our kids, and does nothing to actually address the needs of real Arizonans. Arizona voters are pretty clear that they want people in office to be talking about education, about healthcare, about inflation, about water, about climate, and their budget really does nothing to address any of that.”

“The vast majority of Arizonans and Americans agree that abortion should be an option and that these private medical decisions should be made by women, their families, and their caregivers — not by state legislators who have arrogated themselves to the power to control women’s uterus. I don’t know where they’re headed with this, except they’re in an extremist radical death spiral that they’re pandering to the most extreme elements of their party and completely ignoring the opinions of the mainstream on issue after issue.”

“So if you really want to stop the Arizona legislature from attacking our rights to vote, to reproduce these — things can be done. You have to have a Democratic governor to stop it all.”

“The AZ GOP governor debate made national news for just how incredibly bonkers it was. It was like an SNL skit. Kari (Lake) herself said, what is this? An SNL skit? And she’s right. It was almost a parody of itself. We had these clueless people on the stage. And really the dividing line between Kari and the other mini-mes is really election denial. Kari and her other compatriots there think the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. And Karrin Taylor Robson won’t say that because she knows it’s complete nonsense. That’s really the civil war going on within the GOP right now.”

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