Demonstration Against Religious Bigotry Bill Today (Updated)

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Could this be the beginning of the Moral Mondays Movement I have been asking for?

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Demonstration Against SB1062/HB2153

People are starting to go to the Capitol and aiming for a large protest gathering TODAY between 4 and 6 pm… Signs, speakers, good shoes. Come and be seen. Peaceful and respectful actions!

Arizona’s State Legislature and the conservative majority in control are pushing to pass the expanded “religious freedom” bills and then have them signed immediately by Governor Brewer. These bills would allow businesses to deny services based on their deeply held religious beliefs, basically making discrimination legal and making the LGBTQ Community a clear target. But we know it won't stop there!

 Arizona State Capitol, 1700 W. Washington Street, Phoenix.


UPDATE:  In Tucson:

Please Join the Rally at Wingspan, 4:00pm, Today! 
Let Your Voice be Heard!
Join Wingspan is solidarity against HB 2153.   
Please use your resources to support our LGBTQ community and join Wingspan in opposing this legislation of discrimination that is targeted at the LGBTQ people in the state of Arizona.
Check the Wingspan Facebook page for updates throughout the day.
Carol E. Grimsby
Executive Director
(520)624-1779 x125

2 responses to “Demonstration Against Religious Bigotry Bill Today (Updated)

  1. Protesting at the Capitol on Friday is useless, no elected officials here. Protest at Center for AZ Policy would be better since Cathi Herrod is the reason for this asinine legislation.

  2. Demonstration in Tucson at Wingspan, 430 E. 7th St. at 4:00 p.m. today against these bills.