Despicable Doctor Coburn blocking 9/11 first responders bill

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How is it possible that Sen. Tom Coburn is a medical doctor?

This is the same guy who told a weeping woman, obviously emotionally exhausted from being a home health care provider for her husband who suffered a traumatic brain injury, during a health care town hall that her neighbors should help pay for her husband's medical care, that "government is not the solution." This cold-hearted bastard didn't understand that this desperate woman was asking for help with respite care, which is not generally covered by insurance, not for help with paying for her husband's medical bills. Neighbors are not going to provide her this kind of help — I'm here to tell you, been there and done that.

Perhaps Doctor Coburn was more empathetic when he mediated the cash settlement for Sen. John Ensign's extramarital affair with his staffer, Cynthia Hampton. Dr. Coburn's Peculiar Privilege. Protecting the secretive politico-religious cult of The Family where Coburn and Ensign resided at The Family's C Street address in D.C. is what moved the good doctor.

Now the despicable Doctor Coburn says he will block the 9/11 first responders bill because he doesn't like "the process." Coburn Will Block 9/11 First Responders Bill, Potentially Killing Its Chance Of Passage:

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) told Politico yesterday that he will likely block the measure yet again.

* * *

[A]ppearing on Fox News this morning, Coburn defended his decision to obstruct the bill, saying he is upset with the process, and claiming that the bill was never considered by a congressional committee, and that there was never a hearing on it.

* * *

Despite Coburn’s claim, the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions committee did in fact hold a hearing on the bill in June — and Coburn should know as he sits on that committee.

Last night on Fox’s Red Eye, former Republican Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee urged the Senate to pass the bill immediately, telling the moving story of a friend of his from Texas who volunteered to come to New York City after 9/11, spent a year working there, and is now dying from cancer he contracted while on the job. “There are people who need medical care right now, and frankly, the clock is running out on them. Their lives are fading away, even as we sit here talking about it,” Huckabee said.

Likewise, former Republican New York City Mayor Rudy ["a noun, a verb and 9/11"] Giuliani urged Congress to pass the bill straight away, noting the heroism these first responders showed in days and weeks after 9/11.

The despicable Doctor Coburn's lack of empathy aside, doesn't this in some way violate his hypocratic oath of "first, do no harm?" And what about "honoring the heroes of 9/11"? Coburn is going to block this bill because he has a bug up his ass over "the process" in the dysfunctional and broken Senate, an institution that guys like Coburn helped to break? A democracy cannot govern when one despicable senator can prevent the Senate from functioning as a body simply because he has a bug up his ass. Maybe the good doctor should see his doctor about getting that bug removed.

And maybe the voters of Oklahoma should pull their heads out of their ass and stop sending the despicable Doctor Coburn to the Senate.

UPDATE: Check out this video from Senate Democrats, "Republicans Lauded 9/11 Responders, Now Abandoning Them."

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  1. It is the Government which is responsible for the health care needs of its people that too in a country where health care costs are done through insurance companies majority sponsored by the Government.
    It shows utter irresponsibility when he says, lets the neighbors pay for medical bills and the government is not responsible.