DeWine’s Proposal Carries Whiff of Tyranny


Link: DeWine’s bill to make it a crime to report Presidential lawbreaking.

Senator Mike DeWine is set to introduce a bill in the Senate to retroactively legalize Bush’s NSA wiretapping program; which begs the question, why does Congress need to ratify it if it is, indeed, legal as the President’s tools in Congress claim?

DeWine’s bill would make it a crime to intentionally disclose information identifying or describing Bush’s big brother program. There is no provision in the bill that such a disclosure must harm national security, nor any exemption for whistle-blowers or journalists. Anyone could be subject to fines up to $1 million or 15 years in jail or both, presumably including opposition Senators. The bill places the program permanently in a secret deep-freeze and beyond public scrutiny without any proof that this program is required for national security or is in any way effective in fighting terror. In essence, the GOP is saying, "Trust us, or go to jail."

If that’s not tyranny, the word has no meaning. The hallmark of a free society is the public accountability of power and the rule of law; DeWine’s bill eliminates both at a stroke. Passage of DeWine’s bill would constitute a constitutional coup by the GOP. The President would henceforth be legally unaccountable for any action plausibly colorable as being in furtherence of national security. Despite the continued trappings of a civilized society, we would be living in a police state and our only security would lie in the restraint of the rulers.


  1. There is a “Need to Know,” in the Military,as even Lt. Col. Latas knows about. He as most Lt. Col. and full bird Col. are involved in situations of “Need to Know,” Eyes Only,” etc. I have a good friend Col. Craig Shoresman who was the Commander of The Air Base in Iran when the Shaw fell. We visited him in Iran and saw things that we were not to reveal to anyone, then or now. Col. Shoresman would fly from Washington State to Tucson to attend dinner with us at The Old Pueblo Club,then on the top floor of The Tucson Federal Savings Tower which my Family founded in 1931,and would fly a SR71 spy plane at a speed that is still classified to this day,and after he landed the plane, armed guards would stand guard around the aircraft until his return,not just because the skin of the aircraft was red hot! Col. Shoresman has over 10,000 employess now at Raytheon, as he was offered General, but would have been stationed in Europe at the time,instead of General Wes Clark, but could not take the “POLITICS,” of that rank and retired. He worked for General Secord,who was heavy into C.I.A. activities in Iran and at the Marana Air Park. All other information is classified. What would have happened at the time if I were to have leaked that information, that I just told you? Bill Clinton was involved with General Secord and picked up suit cases at an airport in Littlerock,as our Attorney General Bruce Babbitt did at The Marana Air Park, as C-130 aircraft flew in from the Contras loaded with cash and narcotics,under the direction of General Secord. Bill Clinton wrote in his book “My Life,” about his body guard becoming upset when given a briefcase with 100,000 dollars in it and refused to take the money,Bill Clinton told him it was “OK,” because the C.I.A. Director George Bush “Knew all about it!” This and other deals between the two made them life long friends as you see today.
    We are seeing in Congress a push to put into law a way to prevent “Leaks.” None of us know what “Secrets” are involved in the wiretaps initiated by President Bush,or why.
    It is hard to write a law ,about “Secrets” if no one knows their content. We are getting deeper and deeper into things that none of us knows about,or is informed about to make a decision.
    Senator Feingold wants to censure the President for keeping secrets, and Congress is trying to write a law keeping the secret!
    I agree the whole process is broken and needs direction by Congress. The Problem is both Congress and The President have powers under the Constitution in times of War.
    As Bill clinton always says when you get to this point in any situation it is time to form a commission. I think now is the time for a commission of both Military and Civilians to be empaneled by Congress as was the 911 commission,to fix the problem of how we as a Nation proceed from here. We need this debate because of our growing NSA and information services now at Langley have the power to listen to anyone , anytime, anywhere on any device,and it needs to be funeled through a Secret Super FISA Court ,before it gets to the President in the first place.

  2. If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of Facism marching into our America. Very, very scary!