Tucson Mayor Regina Romero unveiled the Black Lives Matter banner on Juneteenth, a celebratory day commemorating when U.S. slaves were freed in 1865.

“I think it’s an entirely appropriate use of public funds,” Larry Bodine, President of the Democrats of Greater Tucson said.

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Bodine said the banner is a way for the city to show support for Black people and demand police reform.

“You’re not gonna cause any change or call things to the public’s attention if you don’t something dramatic,” Bodine said. “This banner is dramatic and I support it.”

David Eppihimer, chairman of the Pima County Republican Party said while the murder of George Floyd should not be tolerated, BLM has a wide agenda that not everyone supports.

“You don’t put on the side of city hall a banner advocating controversial political positions,” Eppihimer said.

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In a statement to News 4 Tucson the Mayor’s Office said, “We put this banner up as a statement of solidarity and acknowledgment of the systemic racism that our Black community still faces. The funds that were used came out of my office’s budget and pale in comparison to the important message of solidarity we are sharing with our community.”

Bodine is a Democratic National Delegate and a Precinct Committeeman in LD9.