Diane Douglas sighting!

By Craig McDermott

By now, the near-invisibility of the AZGOP’s nominee for State Superintendent of Public Instruction has reached almost mythical proportions – she’s been skipping almost all known public events and not interacting with voters.

Being a single-issue candidate (she hates Common Core, a set of academic standards being implemented across the country…and that’s all she has), she has nothing to offer to voters who are interesting in the whole of the state’s education system, not just her one pet issue.

In other words, she has no use for most voters.

However, there is one group of voters that she will spend time with – voters that she considers “safe”, fellow travelers on the “anti-” trail.   And she won’t object if they have deep pockets.

From the Twitter feed of Michele Reagan, the AZGOP’s nominee for Secretary of State –

Reagan 21 September 2014

Note:  Douglas and Reagan are in the center of the picture, next to each other.

Note2:  Fountain Hills is one of the safest Republican areas in a state that has many such areas (it’s the home of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and State Rep. John Kavanagh) and it’s also one of the more affluent areas (top ten in most of the standard economic metrics).

Interestingly, while Reagan has no problem with being seen with Douglas, a non-candidate candidate that came out of obscurity this year, yet she has spent the last couple of weeks trying to distance herself from her longtime ally, the infamous Russell Pearce.

Damn, the mighty have fallen

6 responses to “Diane Douglas sighting!

  1. Here’s the link to the Buckmaster Show KVOI radio interview with Supe of Public Instruction candidate Diana Douglas: http://www.buckmastershow.com/2014/09/24/buckmaster-show-9242014-the-controversial-lazy-k-ranch-rezoning-in-marana/

  2. Douglas is scheduled to appear on Tucson’s Bill Buckmaster show today (Wednesday) for about a 10 minute spot (12-1pm. [1030 AM on your dial]). Buckmaster is the kind of talk show host who lets his guests have their say, which means she’s probably not going to be challenged on her views. And though Buckmaster is hardly a conservative, KVOI is basically a conservative, Christian station, as are most of its national talk shows. The local Buckmaster show is preceded by the Mike Huckabee show. Much of the audience tends conservative, so she’s probably thinking she’ll be talking to her target audience.

  3. Are we sure that’s Diane Douglas in the picture, or is it the Church Lady from Saturday Night Live?

  4. I wish they’d do the rest of us a favor and retire John Kavanagh. This is his 14th year in the lege. I guess he’s looking for that elected officials’ 20 yr pension, so he can have two pensions, while complaining about people on the public dole.

    • Patricia,
      That would be three pensions. He is already collecting one from Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. He also is working in the community college system and he already has enough time in the elected officials retirement plan.

    • Yep, he’ll do 16 years in the lege, then run for a 4 year office at higher pay, like Justice of the Peace, which will satisfy the 20 years and allow the pension to be based on a much higher salary. But Dems do this as well.