ArizonaThe man who has had no details on what he intends to do about a $1.5 billion dollar budget deficit, Dicey Doug Ducey, released his budget today and it is the standard GOP operating procedure: slash and burn. So much for those “new ideas” he talked about in his State of The State.

Howard Fischer has a quick take on the details; more analysis to come later. Ducey’s budget plan cuts university funding by 10 percent:

Gov. Doug Ducey proposes to balance the state budget by cutting aid to universities by more than 10 percent, taking a cut of revenue sharing dollars for cities and counties, and imposing what amounts to a new tax on motorists.

Wait, what? Mr. “not on my watch” is proposing a tax increase? Doesn’t that violate his “no new tax” pledge?

Ducey’s nearly $9.1 billion spending plan also cuts funding to promote tourism and dips into other state funds to the tune of $304 million.

The governor said, though, his budget increases classroom funding by $134 million. But there is really less there than meets the eye.

Most of that is in voter-mandated inflation funding. But even there the governor proposes only a fraction of the $330 million in additional dollars a court already has said schools are due.

But even that $134 million increase is not really there in the bottom line for schools.

Ducey proposes to force schools to spend 5 percent less on things outside the classroom, ranging from administration to transportation and utilities. That and other changes total $123.7 million.

The bottom line is that the actual year-over-year increase in state funding for public schools is a mere $11 million out of close to $3.8 billion.

There’s that GOP “fuzzy math” again. Is he going to use “dynamic scoring” too?

For those of you ready to take a deep dive into Ducey’s budget, here is what is posted at the governor’s web site:

The complete Executive Budget can be viewed via the links below.

executive_budget_summary.pdf (1.77 MB)

state_agency_budgets.pdf (5.64 MB)

state_funds_book.pdf (5.35 MB)