I totally lifted that title from David Safier’s post at The Range, Does John Huppenthal Write Blog Comments As Thucydides and Falcon9? David is a former BfAZ writer and still close friend of the blog. Plesae click through to read his whole post.

David’s point was that if the whole Thucky/Falcon9/Huppenthal saga were a sitcom, Superintendent Thuckenhal’s next line would be “Did I just say that out loud?”

To be sure, there are many “Did I just say that out loud” comments from our friend. Here’s one of my favorites, made to a Craig McDermott post last year, The 2014 Republican Dream Team is Assembling…:

As for Huppenthal hating public education and hispanics, that’s not going to wash. Huppenthal grew up in south Tucson, all of his friends were Hispanics. He was the only Caucasian in his social group. Jimmy Ortega, Manny Gonzales, Luis Rodriguez, Charlie Praciado, Marcelino Lucero. Just because he won’t support the “we hate Whitey” curriculum of extreme Chicano activists doesn’t mean he can’t do well among Hispanics.

Here, in one tidy paragraph, you have (1) Huppenthal’s trademark sock puppetry; (2) the cluelessness of Thucky referring back to details of Huppenthal’s childhood when he’s pretending not to be Huppenthal; (3) the old “I’m not racist, some of my best friends are ____” line, which tells everyone you are indeed a racist, and (4) the somewhat newer “they are reverse racists” (i.e, “we hate Whitey”) line, which removes any remaining doubt you are a racist.

What an amazing lack of self-awareness. It’s awesome.