Did I Just Waste Two Hours?


Yes, I sat through the entire Republican debate. At the outset, I said if Bush was smart he’d come out swinging against Carson. He didn’t. He probably pissed away what ever remaining chance he had.

But I digress. There were precious few moments of real impact. I did think Christie blew a big fat dog whistle to every racist in America. And I think Fiorina will sink like a stone after being skewered regarding her time at H-P.

Then there was Rubio. The pundits are saying he did well, but I felt just the opposite. There was one exchange I thought should be seen as devastating, when he gave his canned answer about his financial woes and the questioner followed up by noting that the financial woes came after he made $1 million windfall on a book deal.

Apparently, I’m the only person who saw that as significant. Oh well.

Who won? I’d say Carson. the other candidates were too stupid to go after him, so he gets to keep his momentum. As one of my heroes used to say “What a bunch of maroons!”


  1. Bush and kasich are really angry at their bosses the republican business establishment who realize hillary is going to win and is abandoning their ego trips and don’t care about the others who can’t beat hillary. The business corporate establishment will now have to cut a deal with the clintons.

  2. I don’t think you wasted your time. I think you saw the problems facing the GOP and this Presidential Election. We have a poor crop of candidates and are essentially defeating ourselves. I still think Trump is a dancing monkey that will be eliminated, but Carson may be a serious contender and he is only marginally better that Trump. Our more viable candidates can’t get their acts together to be taken seriously enough to gain any traction.

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