There may be another reason Maricopa County Republican Sheriff Nominee Jerry Sheridan sees peaceful protests in the area as uncontrollable mobs destroying all property in its path.

He may be prejudiced against African Americans.

In documents obtained by Blog for Arizona concerning the former Maricopa County Chief Deputy’s former nephew in law, Christopher Butts, one passage from December 7, 2009, identified “Uncle Jerry” as someone (along with Butts and other family members) who routinely used the N-word when commenting on President Obama.

The complete quote is below:

“Closed-door one-way discussion with Deputy Butts to direct him to keep his mouth shut about family get-togethers! This came to head as Butts was discussing to others in squad room at the end of shift how his Uncle Jerry’s father went outside and shot the American flag after Obama was elected. Butts said Uncle Jerry was there when this occurred. Butts went on to say how the N-word was commonly used when referring to Obama by all members of the his family, including “Uncle Jerry” and other family members who are members of the office!”

What does one call an individual who “commonly” uses the n-word to refer to the President of the United States?

The full document can be accessed below:

Butts Supervisor Notes

We contacted the Jerry Sheridan Campaign for Maricopa County Sheriff for comment but received no reply.

If the comments by Mr. Butts (a person accused of soliciting sex with a minor in Pinal and Maricopa County’s) are accurate, the people of Maricopa County do not need a Sheriff who will have a prejudiced, negative opinion towards a segment of the population.

They already had that with Joe Arpaio.

They do not need a restoration of that sentiment with Jerry Sheridan.