Does Huppenthal Believe Christians are Persecuted in America? Really?


The questions are piling up about John Huppental. Unfortunately, as Steve Lemons and Brahm Resnik both have reported, ole Thuckenthal was not answering phone calls yesterday. Imagine that? I have been told that he recently has admitted it, but haven’t been able to confirm that to be the case.

One thing I came across suggests that our friend believes Christians are the victims of persecution in America. Thucky, as you know by now, has not only been active on our site, but on pretty much every political or education oriented site in Arizona, plus any site that ever mentioned his name. One of his favorite sites is the Education Action Network, where he has his own page.

And that page shows that he is a member of an online discussion group called “Christian Persecution”, which is “dedicated to educating the public about the domestic and international persecution of Christians.”

The Education Action Network site, by the way, is where Thucky signed Huppenthal’s name to one of his comments.

The most telling comment from Huppenthal here is only two words: “Excellent article” in response to this homophobic post, titled Preparing for the Coming Battle: A Time to Stand.

Seems that he subscribes to the belief that the atheists and the gays are plotting a takeover. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


  1. It is an article of faith among American Christians that they are persecuted: after all the proof is right in the open…they’re not allowed to persecute non-christians., no matter how non-christian they may be.

    This is a terrible burden and oppression upon their rightful practice of religion. It’s like playing rock music and Stravinsky in public!

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