Does watching FAUX News make you stupid? Or do the stupid watch FAUX News? We report, you decide


fox-news-gop-logoEvery two years there is a new study which confirms what you already knew:

Study: Watching FOX News Makes You Stupid (December 2010).

Study: Watching Fox News Actually Makes You Stupid (May 2012).

The latest new study is from Brookings/PRRI at TNR, Does Fox News Cause Ignorance, or Do Ignorant Viewers Prefer Fox News? A new study reveals the gap between the channel’s fans and the rest of America:

A new Brookings and Public Religion Research Institute poll shows just how out of touch Fox News viewers are with both their fellow Republicans and the rest of the country. They learned nothing from 2012.

The Brookings/PRRI report surveyed 1,538 adults focused on immigration reform, but also included questions on their news preferences and a collection of other policy issues. The focus on new preferences allowed the researchers to divide the Republican respondents into two groups: those that most trust Fox News “to provide accurate information about politics and current events” and those that most trust a different network. The former, whom the authors label “Fox News Republicans,” made up 53 percent of Republican respondents. “Non-Fox News Republicans” made up the remaining 47 percent. This was an easy split to make, but for Democrats there was no clear divide on news preferences. Thirty one percent of Democrats most trusted broadcast news stations (ABC, NBC, and CBS) while another 26 percent chose CNN. Smaller percentages chose public television (14 percent), MSNBC (10 percent) and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (9 percent).

In other words, the Republican Party is extremely polarized among its news choices while the Democratic Party is scattered among a number of networks.

This makes a huge difference for the policy preferences among Republicans. For instance, 42 percent of Fox News Republicans support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. For Non-Fox News Republicans, it’s 60 percent. That puts the views of Non-Fox News Republicans closer to those of Independents (61 percent support a path to citizenship) and Democrats (70 percent).

The difference is even starker in terms of views of immigrants. Sixty percent of Fox News Republicans say immigrants are a burden, compared to just 33 percent who believe they strengthen the country. For Non-Fox News Republicans, the numbers are nearly reversed: 56 percent believe immigrants strengthen the country, compared with 38 percent who believe they are a burden.

* * *

A similar dynamic exists for Republican views on whether immigrants threaten American customs and values. In fact, on every issue, Fox News Republicans are more conservative than Non-Fox News Republicans:


That makes Fox News the home of the Republican Party’s most conservative members. But those members would have found a home somewhere. It’s telling that they have done so at the Republican Party’s preeminent media source, but it does not disqualify the network from delivering factually correct news. Except the Brookings/PRRI survey also finds that Fox News Republicans are the most uninformed on immigration issues as well. Sixty four percent of Fox News Republicans wrongly believe that illegal immigration has increased during the past few years. Adults who most trust the broadcast stations do not excel at that question either: 46 percent believe that illegal immigration has increased. But that’s much better than Fox News viewers.

That doesn’t mean Fox News is at fault for their viewers’ ignorance. It’s impossible to determine causality from this survey. Fox News may attract extremely conservative viewers or it may make conservative viewers more extreme. It’s likely a combination of the two. “It is not possible from this data to offer a precise solution to the chicken-and-egg question — whether the more important fact is that those with very conservative views are already attracted to Fox or whether Fox turns its viewers into conservatives,” the authors write. “What is clear is that conservative are drawn to Fox, and that Fox may, in turn, reinforce and perhaps harden conservative views.”

Those hardened views are at odds not only with the rest of America, but also with the remaining 47 percent of the Republican Party who trust other news sources. In turn, Fox News viewers receive a warped view of the political landscape. Theyand Republican congressmenmay not consider Fox News an extreme news source. They may think it represents the center of the GOP. Under that mindset, presidential candidates should adopt a policy platform that appeals to the average Fox News viewer. But that’s a mistake when the average Fox News member is an extreme conservative. Instead of adopting a position that can garner support from the entire political spectrum of the Republican Party, they have chosen one that turns off moderate Republicans and appeals directly to extreme conservatives. Those moderate Republicans may ultimately vote for the GOP, but this strategy almost certainly alienates independent voters.

This makes the Fox News echo chamber a hazard for the party. It creates extreme candidates under the guise that they are electable, builds up a false narrative that they are in fact electable and then acts surprised when that narrative doesn’t play itself out. In 2012, this storyline was on full display. In the aftermath of that defeat, Fox and the Republican Party had the chance to fix it by reorganizing the station’s content with more moderate hosts and more accurate coverage. They have chosen not to do soand it’s only going to continue to hurt them in 2016.

The GOPropganda network of FAUX News is a very bad thing for America. If Dante were alive today, he would create a special ring in hell for Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch and all of the fembots and mindless drones who work at FAUX News in the Inferno.

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  1. My personal experience says “oh my, Yes” to both. In 2005 I went home to FL to care for my dad, who had always been an open-minded, non-racist, intelligent man. What I found was a completely changed Fox viewer who used the “n” word (something that would have seen me punished for saying when I was growing up), spouted RW hate, and quoted Fox lies and conspiracy theories as gospel. Soon I told him I liked to watch MSNBC & PBS but I would compromise with him and we would watch CNN because I would not stay if he continued to watch Fox hate shows. He agreed and within a short time, I had my intelligent, rational and questioning father back. Though a lifelong Eisenhower Republican, he voted for Pres. Obama in his last election (2008) saying “I don’t even recognize the Republicans anymore….they’re mean now”. He had started watching Fox when my mother passed and he started spending more time with her brother, my uncle, who is an under achieving, under educated racist, who always barely scraped by and needed someone to look down on and blame for his problems. My personal experience showed me that Fox news has a ready audience in the low IQ crowd but can also dumb-down and corrupt normal, sensible, intelligent people who mistakenly start watching it regularly. I see Fox as an infectious carbuncle on our Nation’s soul.

  2. Nope, not really. Tongue in cheek. Over the top.

    I probably failed in an effort to mock three cornered tinfoil hat group think.

    Lately, its as tough to understand the Reeper Brigade as it is for me to grasp why Sunni Muslims feel compelled to viciously eradicate Shiite Muslims, and vice versa.

    Must be the water. Or lack of it.

  3. While GOPropaganda relies heavily on “dog whistle” key word repetition as you observe, mind control software? Really?

  4. I strongly believe that – 20 years ago – Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes scurrilously obtained rogue signal software that when transmitted through cable emitted a program of overriding, continuously repeated key words that can be perceived only by people with lower IQ’s, and that have a certain set of damaged chromosomes.

    Those changeable key words are well known – you can hear them with maddening regularity as they cross the lips of Republicans and Libertarians. An echo chamber of sorts.

    That enabled an infinitely controllable population of American dolts.
    The software never had a revision, because, well – what for?
    If it ain’t broke…

    My hypothesis is based on empirical evidence. Fox Noise addicts exhibit identical traits of unstable personality and social dysfunction.

    Case closed?

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