Donkey Feed, August 10, 2018


By Michael Bryan

The tow-headed toddler is back with some fresh news for you and yours. This week I have 7 Arizona stories, 8 National stories, and just 1 World story that you should see.

This week I have a great graph to share with you. The incredible drop off of support for GOP candidates in special elections continued in OH’s 12th this week; this continues to augur a blue wave election this November. Pretty miserable results for the GOP, especially considering Republican-aligned outside groups have spent more than $37 million to Democratic allies’ just over $11 million:

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  • Despite Trump’s crackdown, immigrants continue to flow over Arizona’s Yuma-sector border with Mexico, constituting a 120% year over year spike in traffic: TPM.
  • New polling indicates that moderate voters in Arizona say that liberal issues are more important than conservative ones, boding well for state-wide Democratic office seekers: ABC15.
  • The ramblings, digressions, and non-sequiturs of an old and broken-down man – it’s frankly hard to watch; “Sheriff” Joe Arpaio tries to string a complete sentence together for a half hour:
  • Contrast Arpaio’s vague ramblings with the sharp and focused polish of Rep. Kirsten Sinema:
  • Democratic LD24 AZ House candidate John Glenn was so incensed by criticism on Facebook that he tattled to a poster’s employer; John, that’s not how an elected official should deal with public criticism – EVER: Phoenix New Times.
  • Jim Nintzel shrewdly profiles the CD2 congressional race: The Skinny.
  • U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs introduces a border wall bill that will never pass in Congress; good job grabbing a headline, though, Andy: ADI.


  • America’s rate of prosecution for white collar crimes, including tax crimes and official corruption, has plummeted, and it’s certainly not because people have stopped committing those crimes; here’s an example right here in Arizona (AZCentral): WaPo.
  • Missouri voters made history by being the first in the nation to overturn a “right to work” law with a voter initiative; is the tide turning on anti-union politics?: Vox.
  • Another close call (50.1% to 49.3%) in a heavily Republican district in OH portends trouble for the GOP in the mid-terms: TPM.
  • U.S. Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY), one of Trump’s earliest supporters (Daily Kos), was arrested and indicted on rather idiotic (TPM) insider trading and fraud charges this week, despite having lost some $16 million personally; in a particular twist of stupidity, he made is alleged to have made his illegal tip-off over a White House phone: WaPo.
  • Are three Trump cronies from Mar-a-Lago secretly running the Veterans Affairs department? All signs (TPM) point to yes; Dems vow to investigate: ProPublica.
  • Almost half (43%) of Trump’s terrifying hard-core supporters would support him being allowed to shut down media outlets he doesn’t like; fascist much?: USA Today.
  • Millennial-aged doctors are pushing the AMA to embrace single-payer healthcare for the first time: Kaiser Health News.
  • Meet Rashida Tlaib who is set to become the first Muslim woman elected to Congress; she wants universal Medicare, a $15 minimum wage, sustainable environmental policies, public school funding and fair immigration policies: Bloomberg.


  • The White House continues to fail in deterring Russian attacks on our democracy and our critical infrastructure according to a panel of 100 cybersecurity experts: WaPo.
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