Donkey Feed, August 12th, 2018


By Michael Bryan

Please feed the donkeys! I have new stories that you will want to know about today: 4 Arizona stories, 6 National stories, and 2 World stories.

I have a graphic you might find interesting of the number of states that have moved, or could move, to automatic voter registration, and they are not only Democratic states:

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  • An extended interview with GOP Senate candidate Martha McSally; could she cuddle up to Trump any closer?:
  • U.S. Representative Ruben Gallego (D – Phoenix) claims that there has been a conflation between hating immigrants and hating Latinos in general: Tucson Sentinel.
  • U.S. Representative Paul Gosar (R – has been playing footsies with far-right hate groups again; this time he is smearing Muslims: Phoenix New Times.
  • David Garcia is facing some headwinds (ADI) of his own creation in his quest for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination: AZCentral.


  • Who are the Democratic Party actually nominating for office this year? It’s a really good year for female candidates: FiveThirtyEight.
  • Even though the effort in KY to impose work requirements for Medicare eligibility was blocked by a federal judge, the Trump Administration is pushing ahead with those efforts nevertheless: NYTimes.
  • OH12’s recent election proves that white college-educated voters are exiting the GOP coalition in droves, boding ill for their effort to retain the House this November: Daily Kos.
  • Trump is now as disliked by the electorate as was Nixon at the time of his resignation: CNN.
  • Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing is set to begin September 4th; the hearings will be a doozy: Vox.
  • Inflation of 2.9% has wiped out wage gains of 2.7% in Trump’s economy, leaving average workers worse off: WaPo.


  • Where in the world is it easiest to get wealthy ($30 million net worth or more)? The answer may surprise a lot of people: Evonomics.
  • NASA is set to launch the world’s first solar probe, which will pass within 10 solar radii from the surface of the sun, within the sun’s corona: The Hill.