By Michael Bryan

Welcome to your Feed for the Weekend! Slip off your shoes and strap on the feedbag! It’s time for some Feed…


First a cool tool:

The Sunlight Foundation is compiling a comprehensive database of all of Donald Trump’s conflicts of interest. Warning: The list is huge! You can add to it if you become aware of further conflicts of interest.

Next, some graphical goodness (or actually, in this case, graphical bad news…): Are we in an “everything bubble” with  a wide range of asset classes being overvalued, including the stock market, corporate and government bonds, and real estate, due to a sustained quantitative easing and low interest rate binge at the Fed? Some say, “You bet we are.” Here’s some of the proof:

Looks a little scary, doesn’t it? Read the linked article; it only gets scarier.

Next, a great video of Democratic Texas Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke answering a tricky and sensitive question about the NFL protests with courage and tact. This guy deserves to be in the Senate:

Finally, a few beautiful books:

How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them, by Jason Stanley, is in pre-order, which means I can’t read it yet, but it is a timely and critically important topic at this juncture in American politics when us versus them politics are ripping our nation apart. Drops on Sept. 4th.

Black Klansman: Race, Hate, and the Undercover Investigation of a Lifetime, by Ron Stallworth, is a true story, and now a major (and really good, I just watched it on the 23rd) motion picture by Spike Lee. It’s a hell of a story that once again has a great deal of resonance with current political events.

Now, just click on “Continue reading” and enjoy the rest of the Feed…


  • Senator John McCain announces that he is discontinuing treatment for brain cancer. Time soon to lower the flags. Godspeed, Sir: AZCentral.
  • Primavera Online charter school CEO Damien Creamer got an $8.8 million payday, $4 million more than the annual salaries of all his teachers combined, while the school has 10X the average state dropout rate; where’s the outrage? Ducey has no problem with Creamer hoovering up taxpayer money for himself. Meanwhile, AZ charter schools have thousands of underqualified teachers in classrooms: AZCentral.
  • An increasingly desperate Senatorial candidate Kelli Ward tries to blame the murder of student Mollie Tibbetts on McCain, Flake, and McSally for being insufficiently tough on undocumented immigration; also she may be delusional, saying “Every indication, and every internal poll that we have shows that I am the frontrunner and I am going to be the nominee.” (Right Wing Watch) Put up or shut up Kelli — send me your internal polling: AZCentral.
  • Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Kelly Fryer blisters the immigration scaremongers, like Ward, in her latest editorial: Tucson Sentinel.
  • GOP Gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett fails to qualify for his Clean Elections funds for the primary due to his own incompetence. Of course, he’s suing over it ( AZ Capitol Times.
  • A good profile of the Arizona Senate race in LD3: Tucson Weekly.
  • Anti-ICE protesters aren’t finding much success in persuading Democratic Sheriff Paul Penzone to end cooperation with ICE: New Times.
  • Jim Nintzel’s excellent Zona Politics discusses competitive races:


  • A new bi-partisan bill introduced in the U.S. Senate would require states to include paper ballots in their voting systems, require audits of all federal election results, and give states the money to pay for it; about time, I say… and, the White House just killed the bill. Of course, they did… (Think Progress): CNet.
  • Trump confesses in FOX interview to lying to the American people and intentionally leaving his payoffs to women out of his FEC reports, a federal crime – because he’s an idiot: Vox.
  • In early — way early — reelection polling, Trump can’t crack 32%; he’s in deep trouble with voters: Vox.
  • GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter, the second member of Congress to endorse Trump, and his wife have been indicted for misusing campaign funds; here are the allegations… : WaPo.
  • Take a fresh look at Mike Pence, Christian supremacist and the man who will be President when Trump is impeached or resigns in disgrace: USA Today.
  • The Roberts Court lacks democratic legitimacy, having been confirmed by a minority coalition representing far less than the majority of Americans: Think Progress.


  • Scientists now have direct evidence that there is water ice on the poles of the Moon: CNN.
  • U.S. and allied countries’ sanctions on Russia are working: Foreign Affairs.
  • Think Russia is only out to meddle in our elections? They are also fueling the anti-vax movement, spreading a public health risk: Think Progress.