Donkey Feed for August 15th, 2018


By Michael Bryan

It’s time for a healthy snack of news and information. Stick your head through the fence and don’t bite the hand that feeds you, this is the Donkey Feed.

First an interesting graphic for the day. As the Trump (mis)Administration moves to lengthen the period of near-worthless “short term” health insurance plans up to three years, the states, including Arizona, remain more protective of consumers than the Federal Government’s standards:

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  • Why is the clearly more progressive Deedra Abboud trailing seeming-centrist Kirsten Sinema so badly in the polls? It should be a tighter race despite the 100 fold money advantage of Sinema: AZCentral.
  • Social media has been a source of publicity and voter engagement in Arizona’s politics this season, but it has also been the source of much embarrassment and trouble: ADI.
  • ASSMAN? Nah, Rodney Glassman, running for Corp Comm is merely an opportunist without any principles: AZCentral.
  • Trump praises Martha McSally at the signing of the defense bill named for John McCain; doesn’t even mention McCain – Trump is our Chief Petty Officer: AZCentral.
  • AZ charter schools are paying recruiters a bounty per pupil recruited to their school, and using tax-payer funds to do it: AZCentral.
  • Arizona cities continue to work to comply with the Paris Climate Accord, even after Trump abrogated it: Tucson Sentinel.
  • Maybe the worst candidate ever presented for public office? How did the Republicans not persuade a guy who shot his mother in the head not to run? AZCentral.
  • Pro-Martha McSally PAC drops a million dollar media bomb on Kelli Ward JUST IN THE LAST WEEK! I guess the primary race is tightening…: AZCentral.


  • Trump arguably has broken the Presidency as an institution; is it time to abolish the Presidency?: USA Today.
  • Is QAnon a liberal hoax on rightwing nutjobs? Looks like it might be: BuzzFeed.
  • A Montana Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate turned out to be on the GOP’s payroll; has the Green Party outlived its usefulness and become merely a stalking horse for mischief?: Salon.
  • Amy Siskind’s weekly list of changes in the emerging authoritarian state, week 91: Medium.
  • Voter participation used to be something that the government actively supported; no longer: NYTimes.
  • Unite the Right 2 was a total bust – low attendance, much greater turnout by opponents, and bad weather doomed the enterprise; the GOP is becoming the party of white nationalism all the same: NYTimes.
  • Conservative columnist Michael Gerson urges Republicans to vote for Democrats in this November’s House races to counter Trump and provide oversight and investigations; save the GOP by defeating it: WaPo.
  • Trump is dismantling financial protections for military personnel even as he wraps himself in the flag: Vox.



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