Donna Edwards Defeat of Al Wynn Holds a Lesson for All GAGA Democrats


Progressive Democrat Donna Edwards knocked off 8-term incumbent Go-Along to Get-Along (GAGA) Democrat Al Wynn in Maryland’s 4th District. And it wasn’t a squeeky victory, it was a 60%-35% butt-thumping by Donna Edwards. The voters demonstrated that they were fed up with Democrats caving in to the Republican and corporate special interest agenda. They want Democrats who will stand tall for Democratic values, not go GAGA.

Edwards beat Wynn like a dog mainly due to his compromised position on the Iraq invasion and occupation and his constant shilling for corporate special interests that harmed consumers, such as big energy and financial services.

Every Democratic office holder should keep the Edwards-Wynn race firmly in mind. Now that Democrats have a majority, and it is likely only to grow in 2008, the Democratic voters are going to be much less inclined to back a candidate merely because there is a (D) after his or her name. There are a few Arizona Democrats who should keep this lesson firmly in mind when tempted to go GAGA for Bush over the coming year.


  1. Lets see, do we have any Blue Dog/GAGA Dems supposedly representing us?

    Did El Campo sell tires……