By Michael Bryan

CarmonaCasualDr. Richard Carmona published an op/ed on the Capital Times today (outside their paywall) that criticizes the rash of birther news coming from Arizona's conservative politicians.

He writes, in part:

"Many observers have blamed this rash of birther “investigations” in Arizona on career politicians pandering to the extremes. They posit that it must be helping these guys get elected, because why else would they do it?

But here’s the thing: all this birther stuff is doing is turning people off to the political process. It’s not helping anybody."

Carmona always seems to keep his eye firmly on the wider context. Instead of just slamming those affected by Obama Derangement Syndrome, he points out why it's not just illegitimate and stupid, but why it hurts the body politic. It's that sort of diagnostic system thinking that is typical of medical training, and an asset we need much more of in public life.