Drinking Liberally Thursay 4/6


Drinking Liberally will be meeting again this Thursday at the Shanty. The event begins at 6 and runs till you gotta go.

This week Karl Reiner, who penned this extended opinion piece here at BFAz, will be attending, so I imagine that one major topic of discussion this week will be immigration policy.

The meetings have been larger the last couple of weeks, and are starting to naturally fracture into several parallel groups. It is difficult to maintain a dozen or more people in a single conversation without some unifying activity or goal. I am therefore considering formats that will help the group to remain focused on a single issue or goal (such as having an expert, such as Mr. Reiner, or a lecturer), or finding ways to manage the meeting as a group of connected conversations (such as the The World Cafe model). I’d be happy to get people’s feedback and ideas.


  1. I thought the format last week was ok, and I liked moving from one table to the next. I wish I had been more prepared for Karl being there, but didn’t get up to date on information (my own fault).
    What did you think? Did it work out ok? Is there something specific you want me to prep for this week?