It is time once again for liberals to gather at the Shanty in downtown Tucson for drink, companionship, and civilized conversation. The event will be catered courtesy of the Shanty.

This Thursday
Starting at 6pm
The Shanty
401 E. 9th Street (4th Ave. and 9th St.)
At the underpass

This week, our special guest is Representative Phil Lopes, the Minority Leader of the Arizona House of Representatives. Come learn from Phil how the Democrats have worked to foil the worst excesses of the right wing over the last several sessions.


Last week, we were host to Senator Paula Aboud, who is locked in a primary battle with Representative Ted Downing for the Senate seat she was appointed to when Gabby Giffords resigned earlier this year. We also had Representative Jonathan Paton, a Republican State Representative, who, though hardly a liberal, proved to be open minded and a man of good will and humor. Jon is headed off to Iraq on a voluntary tour of duty as an intelligence officer at the end of this month. We will be having him back to tell us about his experiences when (may Providence watch over him) he gets back.

We will be discussing further the formation of a new book club, Reading Liberally, likely to be held every 4 – 6 weeks at the the Wilmot Bookmans. If you are interested in participating come on down to Drinking Liberally, post your ideas at our forum on the topic, or contact Tasha Nelson, our Drinking Liberally co-host, at Tasha AT Email DOT Arizona DOT Edu.

Cheers! See you there!