Ducey pays off a critic, begging the question: Is there a “hush money” line item in the state budget?

By Craig McDermott, crossposted from Random Musings

From the Arizona Republic, written by Mary Jo Pitzl and Yvonne Wingett Sanchez –

Arizona Board of Regents Chairman Mark Killian, an outspoken critic of the state budget backed by Gov. Doug Ducey and the Legislature, is now a Ducey Cabinet member.

Ducey announced Friday that Killian is being installed as his Department of Agriculture director, and noting that he “brings decades of unique public service and private sector experience, and his extensive and successful background in farming and ranching will be hugely valuable in this role. He’s a welcome addition to this department and our administration.”

Per Ballotpedia, the director position pays better than $102K per year.

Guess that I never have to worry about the Ducey administration offering me a job – I may be soft-spoken, but biting my tongue is not in my job skill repertoire.

5 responses to “Ducey pays off a critic, begging the question: Is there a “hush money” line item in the state budget?

  1. Pay the hush money-smart move on Ducey’s part bad move for Killian now we know how much his principals are worth. Education be damn-Killian is making money

  2. Wow, it is surprising how cheaply some will sell themselves.

  3. Brilliant. There can be no cause that is worth standing for when ideology and money get involved. Welcome to the new age.

  4. Also, Il Deuce now gets to appoint a regent more to his liking.

  5. http://www.mormon.org/me/61b3

    “Hi I’m Mark W. Killian
    I am a Real Estate Broker, Rancher, former Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, and I’m a Mormon.”

    How I live my faith
    Often times while I was in legislature the press would ask me if my private life was seperate (sic) from my public life, and did I leave my religion at the door step of the capital. My response in every case was That my religion was my life, that I could not seperate (sic) my every day life from my every day religion. It defines me, it is what I believe, it is what guides me and gives me direction in my life. I never ran away from my religion during debates or election campaigns. …”
    5% of the population 30% of the legislature