Early Voting Begins Today – VOTE!


voteFor those of you on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL), early ballots are being mailed to you today. You need to complete your ballot, sign and date the ballot envelope, and mail it no later than Wednesday, November 2 if you want to ensure mail delivery before the 7:00 p.m. deadline on election day. The last day to request an early ballot is Friday, October 28.

It would be just as easy for you to go to an early voting site to vote. Early voting sites are open beginning today for those who want to vote early. Early voting sites are open until Friday, November 4. Check your local county recorder’s web site for locations (for Pima County, see below).  There is emergency voting on Monday, November 7 at your county recorder’s office.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8. VOTE!

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  1. FSNT,
    Just out of curiousity, what did you think of Bernie’s leaving the Democratic party during the Democratic convention. And are you getting the emails from his new organization. Thoughts?

    • Bernie wasn’t a Democrat before he ran, and the DNC didn’t want him anyway, he wouldn’t raise money for them.

      But he did send donation requests for DWS’s opponent, Tim Canova. That’s a righteous middle finger right there.

      I did sign up for OurRevolution.com, I support their issues and ballot initiatives, and I’ll vote for every one of their candidates (even Grijalva, possibly holding my nose).

      For a Sanders supporter, moving forward, you have to decide if you want to reform the DNC from the inside, like Elizabeth Warren, or apply pressure from the outside, the way Sanders did.

      You can’t argue with Sanders success over the last year. And the Tea Party did an amazing job changing the GOP. Not for the good, but the example stands.

      After OurRevolution shakes out some internal issues, I think I’ll send some cash, and I’m working on clearing up some time next year to volunteer.

      I think after November 8th we’ll all need a long shower to wash off the crud and some recovery time, so I’m going to be patient.

      Funny, you don’t see Bernie on the OurRevolution website much, I think he’s pulling a Pete Seeger, meaning it’s not about Pete Seeger, it’s about everyone singing along. Pete was just the banjo player.

      Can you imagine Trump, or Cruz, or Rubio, future jailbird Joe Arpaio or even Clinton, making their campaign 100% about American’s instead of themselves?

  2. I’m taking a short break from the horse race to think about policy.
    With Hillary up five to ten points nationally, and the Senate now in play, I’m thinking about what an incoming Democratic administration might look like.
    Also, Bernie is slated to be the new Budget chair in a Dem senate.
    What are our top priorities in 2017? I know it somewhat depends on the House makeup, but what we would like to see? Immigration, gun control, tiered estate tax, expanded child tax credit, Obamacare fixes might all be on the table.
    Should Bernie put together a comprehensive agenda that can be explained in 3 minutes? What about Raul Grijalva? As co-chair of the House progressive caucus, can he start putting together a progressive agenda?
    A DC Court of Appeals just ruled against the consumer protection board? Can Dems strengthen the agency and improve Dodd Frank?
    I know this isn’t as sexy as bus tapes, but it might be good to be thinking ahead.

    • We need public funding of elections and we need to end Citizen’s United.

      We’re swimming upstream until we fix the corruption problem caused by money in politics.

      I think Bernie would approve.

      • About Citizen’s United, sure, but that’s probably more long term. First, we need another vote on the Supreme Court, and even that might not tip it. And it might take years for a case to make it’s way to the Court.
        As for publicly funded elections, we had it until 2008. Obama decided to forego the $80 million or so from the fund because he could raise so much more. McCain stuck to public financing and was overwhelmed, not sure we can put that genie back in the bottle.
        I don’t think our problem is so much money in politics, it’s more that Democrats only vote every four years, while Republicans vote every two.
        So going back to Bernie, how can the American left keep enough people engaged in the process. Obama had his OFA group, but never used it early on to combat the rise of the Tea Party. We’ve always had rump groups like Howard Dean’s DFA and PDA, but they have been pretty marginal.
        I think everyone in the political world has been surprised by the Bernie movement, probably no one more than Bernie himself. So, my main question is where does it go from here?

        • Hey Jim, you hit the nail on the head about progressive turnout in non presidential election years, I’m hoping OurRevolution will make that a priority.

          Overturning Citizen’s United could be closer than you think. Other states are doing it.


          Yeah, this is Arizona, where we just legalized bribery, and the right has money and ALEC, but it’s not impossible.

          I think I addressed your Bernie questions in another post that’s awaiting moderation.

          Look back to the hundreds of thousands who participated in Occupy, then move forward to the millions who supported Bernie.

          Plus, we have fearless Elizabeth Warren, who seems to be working the system from the inside, and Bernie’s back in the Senate, he’s not gone.

          I think the momentum is there to keep Bernie’s work going. Give some time for everyone to get the bad taste out of their mouths from this election.

        • Hey Jim, I’ve replied twice, the comments are awaiting moderation.

          Possibly because I’m wordy, possibly because I included a link.

          I really need to learn to post short comments.

          • Good luck on the short comments. I think that Bernie is going to be very effective, particularly if he and Elizabeth Warren work closely together. He’s been a good legislator for years, in both the House and Senate, but now he has a very powerful microphone.

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