Ed Asner explains wealth inequality

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

One of the least discussed political issues in this country is wealth inequality, partly because the wealthy own the media. (Media consolidation, the illusion of choice Infographic). Wealth inequality is at its greatest disparity since the end of the Gilded Age, just before the Crash of 1929.

This is how Pete Peterson and his corporate CEO buddies and the politicians of both political parties whom they have bought are able to exert such undue influence over political discourse in this country, and to argue that average working Americans must give up their pensions and accept reduced benefits in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid — intoning "there is no other choice" — so that the wealthy can enjoy another tax break and greater wealth accumulation because, well, "just because, that's why!"

Ed Asner, a great actor and union activist, narrates this video created by the California Federation of Teachers entitled "Tax the Rich: An animated fairy tale," explaining wealth inequality in the U.S. (Video below the fold).

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