Election Night 2016


By Craig McDermott, crossposted from Random Musings

9:50 –

There were 19 school district-related ballot questions in Maricopa County.

Right now, it looks like 15 will pass, 3 will go down, and 1 is still to close to call.

This is actually much better than average here.


9:30 –

In Scottsdale, all incumbents are on their way to reelection.


9:21 –

It looks like the AZ lege will tighten.  My read on races right now:

AZSenate – 14 R, 13 D, 3 too close to call.  If all three races in the “too close to call” category go D, then control flips.  16 – 14 R seems more likely, but this is far from over.

AZHouse – 33 R, 26 D, 1 too close to call.  The Rs retain control.


9:20 –

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s race has been called for Paul Penzone!


8:06 – early votes only:

Maricopa County Sheriff: Penzone up over Arpaio big

Maricopa County Recorder: Fontes up over Purcell

CAWCD – Arboleda, Graff, and Holway all in the top 5

LD18 legislature – Bowie (senate) and Epstein (house) ahead

LD28 Senate – Meyer slightly ahead of Brophy-McGee

US Sen – McCain thumping Kirkpatrick

CorpComm – Not looking good for Mundell or Chabin

LD6 – Bagley (D) and Allen (tin foil) – too close to call

Ballot measures –

Prop 205 (legalizing recreation marijuana) – losing

Prop 206 (raising minimum wage) – winning

…is shaping up to be a lot like election night 2000.  Florida will be keeping us holding our collective breath…

Once AZ results start coming in, this post will be updated, with an focus on statewide, legislative, Maricopa County, and Scottsdale races.


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