When historians write about Enemy of the People-Political Prince of Darkness-Obstructionist in Chief-Moscow Mitch McConnell, there will probably be less than a positive sentence to say about his time in office.

The Kentucky Senator who once reportedly told Vice President Biden “you must be under the mistaken impression that I care,” has rightfully earned a place in the Political Hall of Infamy for:

  • Being the obstructionist in chief on numerous pieces of legislation that would move the country forward.
  • Stealing Supreme Court seats. The women in this country can thank the Kentucky Senator for losing their freedom of choice and privacy.
  • Not wanting to publicly acknowledge the Russians were helping Donald Trump in the 2016 elections.

He has rightfully earned the titles written above to describe him.

Now, readers can add Beijing Traitor McConnell.


Because Mr. McConnell, realizing that a deal may be coming on prescription drug costs among the Democrats, has decided to side with Communist China and threaten passage of the Bipartisan Innovation Act which both parties have been negotiating (too slowly) which would improve American domestic manufacturing prowess and stimulate the semiconductor industry to the tune of $52 billion.

Beijing Traitor McConnell tweeted:

So in Beijing Traitor McConnell’s world view, having China maintain a competitive manufacturing edge in technologies like semiconductors is fine if Democrats pass legislation where people can get insulin for $35.00.

What a traitorous bastard.

The White House, House, and Senate Democratic leaders were quick to pounce on Beijing Traitor McConnell.

New White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre commented:

“Senate Republicans are literally choosing to help China out compete the U.S. in order to protect big drug companies. This takes loyalty to special interests over working Americans to a new and shocking height.”

Henry Connelly, a spokesperson for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi posted:


A spokesperson for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, according to Politico, offered:

(McConnell) “is holding American jobs in key U.S. industries hostage to help China and protect his friends in big pharma allowing them to keep screwing over Americans with outrageously high Rx drug prices.”

As the Hill reporter Morgan Chalfant wrote when this story came out, maybe Democrats could fold the Bipartisan Innovation Act with the new Prescription Drug Benefit if a deal can be concluded.

What do the people in Kentucky see in Beijing Traitor McConnell.

He has hardly ever served their interests and apparently he is fine with serving China’s if Democrats secure legislation to help people purchase drugs at a cheaper cost.

Beijing Traitor McConnell has reminded people again why Republicans can not be entrusted with political control.

November 8, 2022 is in 131 days.

Remember to vote for the candidates that, unlike the supporters of Beijing Traitor McConnell and Mad King Trump, will actually put the American People and the United States first.