Enough With the “Oops” Snark Already


The American media won’t hesitate to destroy a political career over a bad “moment.” The American public, of course, joins in with glee.

I remember the “Dean scream” with disdain. Not disdain directed at Howard Dean, but at the morons in the media who used the so-called scream to savage his campaign. With a media and a populace focused on substance and not on “moments,” there may have been a stronger Democratic nominee in 2004 and we may have avoided the re-election of George Bush. But it was not to be.

So, when Rick Perry’s campaign kick-off is greeted by MSNBC hosts with giddiness about his brain fart from 3 years ago, you know, the “oops” moment, it annoyed me. I’d never support Rick Perry for anything, let alone the presidency, but continuing to rake him over the coals for something that any honest person among us would admit could easily happen to him is distasteful, to say the least.

Some “moments” are telling. When Jan Brewer couldn’t deliver an opening statement, it was a sign she lacked intellect, something she’s confirmed over and over again. That’s different. The public needed to know about that. But not being able to recall a word? We haven’t all been there before? I know I have. More than once.

There’s so much to go after Rick Perry for. His record as Governor of Texas is despicable. And he may be the first person to announce his candidacy while under indictment. So, what does it say about us if we focus on a mental lapse instead of the substantive stuff? I don’t know, but I do know this: The next time someone we like goes down in a similar circumstance and we want to understand why, we’ll know where to look. The mirror.


  1. Again good government liberal whining! As Malcolm X said “by any means necessary!” Bob we fight to win not to get a good conduct medal. Hitler was defeated with soviet tank armies NOT danish passive resistance. Every day cicero got up in the roman senate and said carthage must be destroyed!

  2. I wish the media would focus on things other than polls and fundraising. The best hope is that social media can break through that, because cable and network news probably won’t change.

    Blog on!

  3. Ironic how I’m reading this just as I put a post rebutting the “MSNBC is Fox News for liberals!” talking point in the morning queue. I still stand by that. MSNBC is often shitty, as is CNN, but Fox is in its own distinct category of vileness.

    What’s ticking me off lately is fat shaming of Republicans like Chris Christie and AZ Sen Jeff Dial by Dems. You can tell me it’s about “health” or “the integrity of his military service” all you want but I see you.

    • I didn’t mean to say that MSNBC is equivalent to Fox. What makes Fox so odious to me is the dishonesty. MSNBC is obnoxious in an entirely different way. They get it basically correct factually, but they tend to focus on minutiae sometimes.

      I hear you on the fat shaming. I went after Bill Maher for that before. Think about Maher doing that for a second. If Maher smoked one tenth as much pot as he claims to have, he’s eaten insane amounts of food as well, because that’s what pot does. Which means he’s shaming fat people for being born with metabolisms slower than his. What a jerk.

      • I know you weren’t equating them, Bob. Your post was a reminder that their hosts can be dicks. But at least they have to apologize, if they don’t get fired outright (Martin Bashear et al) when they screw up. Speaking of fat shaming, Rachel Maddow of all people mocked Christie last night for his unfortunate appearance at a charity softball game wearing a uniform that was too tight.

        And yeah, Bill Maher is a jerk.

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