The explanations from the Ready for Hillary crowd as to what happened vary a good bit. The BlueMeanie has focused on the voters who stayed home. Some blame the third-party voters. Some blame the millennials who didn’t support HRC in sufficient numbers. I even saw one piece where millennial men (Bernie Bros) were blamed because they intimidated millennial women from posting pro-HRC messages on social media during the campaign. And, of course, Trump voters all were either ignorant, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynist, or racist, or some combination of those traits.

So, I wondered, is there a unifying logic that underlies all the arguments?


And I think it’s actually pretty simple:

  1. The Trump voters are inferior beings about whom there was little that could be done, and
  2. Everyone who voted for neither Clinton nor Trump, whether because they voted third-party or didn’t vote,
    1. Would have chosen Clinton over Trump if forced to vote for one or the other, and
    2. Failed to do so because of their own lack of good judgment, poor sense of priorities, or some other personal failing.

Doesn’t that pretty much cover it?