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When the Obama campaign seized the opening that John McCain provided them with his gaffe of not knowing how many homes he owns, his campaign, in typical McNasty fashion, responded with a personal attack McCain Spokesman’s Retort: Obama Lives in "a Frickin’ Mansion":

"We’re delighted to have a real estate debate with Barack Obama," said spokesman Brian Rogers, adding that the press should focus on Obama’s house. "It’s a frickin’ mansion. He doesn’t tell people that. You have a mansion you bought in a shady deal with a convicted felon."

The felon reference was to Tony Rezko, a former Obama friend and financial backer who was convicted on fraud and bribery charges this year. Rogers vowed to intensify efforts to link Obama to Rezko in the coming days.

"That’s fair game now," he said. "You are going to see more of that now that this issue has been joined. You’ll see more of the Rezko matter from us."

Now?  Hasn’t that dill-hole Sean Hannity been pushing the Tony Rezco smear over at Faux News for you since the beginning of the year?  The McCain campaign produced its own Rezco ad (why do they pay for these ads when Faux News does it for free?)

The good folks at, once again, have called out the McCain campaign for being the pathological liars that they are.  You know when McCain is lying – his lips are moving.  You can read the full "fact check" report here: Rezko Reality.