Farewell To My Buddy Mitt


Posted by Bob Lord

Well, Mitt's pretty much outta here. Can't say I'll miss him. The guy was perhaps the most despicable piece of garbage either side has nominated in my lifetime, with the only possible exception being Nixon. Hard to say. Both exhibited dishonesty such that it's safe to say they had no regard for the truth. In other words, pathological liars. Nixon was a criminal. Romney may have been, depending on what's on the tax returns he refused to disclose. And he certainly had no qualms about his cronies stealing the election for him, had it been close enough to steal. Where Romney was more putrid than Nixon was in his elitism. The guy just reeked of disdain for ordinary people. Only an elitist prick could make those 47% remarks, or say with a straight face that it was fair for his income tax rate to be lower than those folks earning a fraction of what his money earns.

I think Rocky Mountain Mike sums it up best with his new song, which you can listen to here.  Enjoy.