Faux News jumps the shark with Glenn Beck

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Stephen Colbert does a recurring segment on The Colbert Report he calls "The Craziest F#?king Thing I've Ever Heard!" Hmm, seems to me that this is a title that you can only bestow once, dontcha think?

I have heard some truly crazy things during my lifetime, but I think I may have found my nominee for "the craziest f#?king thing I've ever heard."

Every circus needs a clown and the lead clown of the Insane Clown Posse over at Faux News is Glenn Beck. Last week he did a program he called "Glenn Beck Friday" in which he removed any lingering doubt that the man is certifiably batshit crazy (Beck hits his stride around the 2:50 mark of this video). Beck goes on about the vast liberal media conspiracy that is surrounding him (paranoid schizophrenic delusions). But he and his legion of looney listeners (more delusions) are going to fight back and surround them! The only thing missing was a tinfoil hat, a cardboard sword and The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down theme song from Looney Tunes. I half expected to see Daffy Duck pop up on the screen and give Glenn a big wet kiss before bouncing off with his characteristic "woo-hoo, woo-hoo."

This might be funny if it was meant to be comedy, something you might see on Saturday Night Live or Mad TV. But Beck has viewers who must be more deranged than he is who watch this program and believe that Beck is serious and sane. Now that should frighten people.

Even Faux News anchor Shep Smith mocked Glenn Beck while being mildly chastized in only a half-serious fashion by Chris Wallace, neither of whom are paragons of journalistic integrity and credibility themselves. Faux News has jumped the shark and become a parody of itself when its own anchors are mocking the crap that Faux News airs as "infotainment."

Now I anticipate that someone will comment "you shouldn't make fun of the mentally ill," and I agree, you are absolutely right. I am making the point that a major American corporation, Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation (Faux News), sends a man they have reason to know suffers from mental illness out onto the stage to perform for "entertainment" (sic) and profit. That is abuse of the mentally ill. And that is a crime.

Not that anyone at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gives a rat's ass, or it would have revoked the broadcast license of Faux News a long time ago.

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  1. AzBlueMeanie

    “CAP and trade carbon tax that he said;”I WANT TO BANKRUPT EVERY COAL FIRED PLANT IN AMERICA!””

    That quote exists only in your delusional mind, Sheapenny, or on some right-wing web site where facts do not matter.

    Obama has never said this. You call for sanity and then demonstrate that you believe things that are not true and make up shit. You are one of the people I had in mind when I wrote that “Now that should frighten people.” Get some professional help, man.

  2. “I would agree IF we had in place other power solutions READY; but folks this jerk in the White House must be told NO once in his life!”

    Have you read anything at all about our President’s upbringing? Not exactly a silver spoon scenario, Sheapenny.

    You will never seea $1000 dollar per month power bill (or anything even close to that number) as a result of anything that he is pushing. Hell, you won’t see a bill like that as a result of…pretty much anything. Nobody would benefit from it. Think “political and economic reality” here.

  3. You tout sanity when dealing with the public. I agree!

    Colbert is a commedian I thought. He too has taken all this Politically Correct crap to the extreme.

    Lets call a spade a spade and NOT be afraid of using our Constitutional Rights given to us by the founders!

    I want each of you to THINK about one thing our president(using the term lightly) wants to do as a “SANE” tax program that effects you and me RIGHT NOW!

    CAP and trade carbon tax that he said;”I WANT TO BANKRUPT EVERY COAL FIRED PLANT IN AMERICA!”

    His new brain child will be voted in Congress and hidden in the Senate for quick passage will take our TGE Power Plant and list it under a Carbon Tax that will take your average Power bill RIGHT NOW from an average $40.00 a month in the winter to over $500.00 a month ; and a summer time $80.00 a month bill to over $1,000 a month!!

    Now you tell me who needs mental help!!!???

    I would agree IF we had in place other power solutions READY; but folks this jerk in the White House must be told NO once in his life!