Federal District Court Judge rules Arizona’s abortion law to take effect, appeal planned


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A conservative activist federal district court judge ignored case law precedent and went with his own views on abortion in permitting Arizona's abortion law to take effect on Thursday.  Judge to let Arizona's abortion ban take effect:

Uterus-stateIn his ruling, U.S. District Court Judge James A. Teilborg said the Legislature cited "the substantial and well-documented evidence that an unborn child has the capacity to feel pain during an abortion by at least 20 weeks gestational age."

* * *

Teilborg noted the law does not bar all abortions after 20 weeks gestational age, but rather regulates them. The law, he said, contains exceptions that would allow abortions in medical emergencies. Those emergencies would include situations that could lead to the mother's death, ectopic pregnancies, and instances where an abortion would avert "substantial and irreversible impairment" of a major bodily function.

The Center for Reproductive Rights issued a written statement calling the judge's decision "callous," adding that it allows government to further intrude on private decisions.

"Today's decision casts aside decades of legal precedent, ignoring constitutional protections for reproductive rights that have been upheld by the United States Supreme Court for nearly 40 years and threatening women's health and lives," Nancy Northup, the center's president and CEO, said in the statement.

* * *

A trio of abortion doctors had challenged the constitutionality of the law and last week in court argued for either a temporary restraining order or a preliminary injunction. Teilborg denied both motions.

The plaintiffs, represented by the Center for Reproductive Rights, said it will immediately appeal the decision to the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
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  1. Forced birth Arizona, where you are considered pregnant, even when you’re not. When will the right wingers start lining women up to receive their forced sperm communion?

  2. I am ill. “t”…I hear you…which is yet another reason we have to work especially hard to elect people (Dems!)that understand that women need to be able to make their own healthcare choices. These guys love the fetus, hate the kid. They both terrify and disgust me.

  3. I am so scared for women who are pregnant in this state and have complications that could put their lives in jeopardy. all for the sake of the political agenda, GOP family values. The untold suffering and possible deaths that could occur if this law goes into effect, amazingly the judge seemed “bent” on punishing the plaintiffs ( they didn’t have enough remorse for the fetus instead focused on the patient and her family) and ruling the way he did by upholding the law. I’m just crushed that now women will die or become seriously injured unnecessarily. All for what? A cruel agenda. Liberty and freedom my ass you damned republican nazis.

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