UPDATE: Arizona Election Certification WILL NOT Be Delayed By Navajo Nation Complaint; Judge Permits Them To Withdraw Request


(UPDATE: Judge Lanza did permit the Navajo Nation to withdraw its TRO application today, thus permitting Arizona to finish certifying the results from this month’s election on time next Monday. The Court’s simple explanation (below) is that he wanted to learn more about the basis for withdrawing the request that approximately 100 Navajo Nation voters be permitted to cure their early ballots this week. This indicates that the Navajo Nation is dropping that request and focusing more on ensuring better voting access for residents of the large area in future elections. The headline has been edited to reflect the Judge’s decision, but the article below remains intact.)

U.S. District Court Judge Dominic Lanza DENIED the Navajo Nation’s request to vacate a court hearing this morning on a case that could delay the certification of Arizona’s November 6 election results.

The Navajo Nation filed suit last week to give approximately 100 Navajo voters the chance to cure their early ballots which were properly filled out but not signed. The suit also seeks other measures in the future to make it easier for Navajo Nation members to access their right to vote in future elections.

Sunday, attorneys for the sovereign government asked Judge Lanza to vacate the hearing on the Temporary Restraining Order set for Monday at 10am, saying that they now believe that they will be able to work with elections officials in the three Arizona counties which include portions of the Navajo Nation. It appeared that they were prepared to forego a reopening of the cure period for voters in this month’s election.

Judge Lanza denied the request to vacate the hearing, and said the hearing will address the motion.

(Details on the results of the hearing to follow.)

(This article originally published at Arizona’s Politics.)

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