Feingold Speaks Against Flawed FISA Revision


UPDATE: VICTORY! Reid pulled the version with immunity. It will likely creep back on the calendar in January, but for now the beast is slain.

If you aren’t sure what the fuss is about regarding granting immunity to telecoms for the assistance in the Administration’s past violations of FISA, then this is the video to make the issue and what’s at stake crystal clear for you.

Senator Dodd is in the midst of a filibuster against Majority Speaker Reid’s version of the FISA revision that grants retroactive immunity. Despite Reid’s own Intelligence Committee reporting out a version with no immunity, Reid has insisted on introducing the House version which does include it. He’s going out of his way, and ignoring an openly acknowledged Senatorial hold by Dodd, seemingly just to mollycoddle the telcoms and to cover Bush’s backside. Looks to me like it’s time for our out-of-touch Majority Speaker to go, too.

If there is one Senator above all others whom I would like to see lead our majority forward in a principled and intelligent fashion, it would be none other than Senator Feingold, who demonstrates in the above video why he is so manifestly the right man for the job in this time of crisis for our society.


  1. Of the three Democratic Senators running for President, only Chris Dodd seems to understand the importance of the immunity provisions of the FISA bill. Chris Dodd considered this serious issue more important than his pursuit of the nomination and when Harry Reid failed to honor Dodd’s “hold” on the bill and let it come to the floor, Dodd left Iowa to return and begin a filibuster of this obnoxious piece of legislation. The other two Democratic Senators stayed in Iowa, preferring to campaign for the nomination than to protect the Constitution and the rule of law. After watching Dodd on CSPAN this afternoon, I phoned his office in Washington and thanked him! I suggest we should all do that and for those of you who support either Clinton or Obama, you might like to remind them of this missed opportunity to show the leadership qualities required of a President. As for the two Republican Senators – the less said, the better!