For my friend Helen


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

I never met Helen Thomas in person, but I did correspond with her from time to time when she was at Hearst. Helen always responded personally, and for that I admired her. I considered her a friend.

Helen had a hard-edged sense of humor, so in tribute to Helen Thomas, I want to post one of my favorite bits from the comedy album "The Watergate Comedy Hour" (1973) written by Jack Burns and Avery Shriver.

This bit is about Martha Mitchell, the wife of Attorney General John Mitchell — before he was sentenced to prison in 1977 for his role in Watergate — who is calling UPI to speak to Helen Thomas about insider gossip (Helen was then at UPI). The bit is titled "Hello UPI."

Audio clips below the fold.

Hello UPI #1


Hello UPI #2