I have never listened to talk radio of any format (hate it) – “just give me that old time rock n’ roll, the kind of music that just soothes my soul…”

The Republic’s Laurie Roberts has a column today, which we will get to, in which she selectively cites some of what ‘Krazy Kari’ Lake had to say on KTAR’s Mike Broomfield Show. So let’s go to the original source first. Kari Lake, Arizona’s GOP candidate for governor, says abortion should be rare but not illegal:


Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for governor in Arizona, said Tuesday she would like abortions to be rare and safe, but not illegal.

“It would be really wonderful if abortion was rare and legal, the way they said it before,” Lake told KTAR News 92.3 FM’s The Mike Broomhead Show.

“Remember ‘rare, but safe; rare, but safe?’ I think that’s what they said. Be really wonderful if that’s how it turned out.”

Democrats, most notably Bill Clinton, started using the words “safe, legal and rare” when talking about abortion in the 1990s.

“It went from rare and legal to an abortion right up until the baby’s born,” Lake said.

ABSOLUTELY FALSE. Under the Roe v. Wade trimester formulation, state’s have always been able to regulate late term abortions, which are exceedingly rare to save the life of the mother. ‘Krazy Kari’ here is perpetuating the forced birther myth that a fully developed baby being delivered can be killed at birth. That’s not an abortion, that’s infanticide. No medical professional does this. ‘Krazy Kari’ is casually and randomly accusing women and medical professionals of murder. This is an unwell woman.

Roe v. Wade only permitted abortion in the first 24 weeks of pregnancy. Now Arizona has both an 1864 law that bans all abortions, and a recently passed 15-week abortion ban (modeled after the Mississippi law), which are in conflict. ‘Krazy Kari’ has expressed support for both laws.

‘Krazy Kari’ continued:

“That’s not right. And now they want to make somebody who is pro-life seem like they’re radical. I’m not radical. We’re not radical for being pro-life.”

I’ve just explained why this forced birther is so radical: she casually and randomly accuses women and medical professionals of murder. This is an unwell woman.

Lake [did] acknowledge the confusion over Arizona’s abortion laws after a state judge ruled that a near-total ban that originated in 1864 could be enforced despite a new law that permits the procedure through 15 weeks of gestation. But she didn’t come down on one side or the other.

“I want to see … where this goes,” she said. “I don’t know right now. I’m confused. We appear to have two laws, and there seems to be some controversy in which law it’s going to be.”

Gov. Doug Ducey has argued that the 15-week ban he signed takes precedence over the old law, which was first enacted as part of the set of laws known as the “Howell Code” adopted by 1st Arizona Territorial Legislature in 1864. Attorney general Mark Brnovich argued in court that the 1864 territorial law applies. Republican attorney general candidate Abe Hamadeh unbelievably has said that he sees no conflict between the two laws, and would “enforce the law.” This inexperienced green lawyer has no business running for AG.

Arizona’s near-total and 15-week bans include prison time for abortion providers, but patients aren’t subject to prosecution. The conflicting bans also both include exceptions for the mother’s health, but not for cases of rape or incest.

Lake didn’t answer directly when she was asked if she supported rape and incest exceptions. She said it was “a very small percentage of abortions” and accused her opponent, Democrat Katie Hobbs, of supporting “abortion right up until birth.”

ABSOLUTELY FALSE, and this is a malicious slanderous lie. Once again,this is an unwell woman.

Lake’s said she wants “to save as many lives as possible” [she means fetuses.]

“That being said, we need to help moms, we need to help pregnant women,” she said. “I’m all about women getting health care. Absolutely.

“We absolutely need to take care of our young women when they find themselves pregnant. We need to help them so they’re not afraid, so they know there are options,” she said, citing pregnancy centers and adoption.

In other words, “you will have that baby!” ladies. ‘Krazy Kari’ wants to be Serena Joy Waterford in A Handmaid’s Tale.

An aside, this Broomfield really sucks at holding his guests accountable and getting straight answers, which I take it is not his thing. This is why I don’t waste my time with useless “infotainment” talk radio.

With this for context, now let’s do Laurie Roberts’ column, Kari Lake just made a pivot on abortion (somebody must be reading the polls):

Well, it took awhile, but it appears that Kari Lake is learning from the master.

Blake Masters, that is, the Senate candidate who, upon winning his Republican primary, promptly gave a scrub-a-dub to his views on abortion.

“I call on the Arizona Legislature to put a carbon copy of Texas S.B. 8 on the Governor’s Desk,” she tweeted in September 2021. “If my Predecessor refuses to sign it, I will do so in a Heartbeat.”

Texas’ SB 8 is the infamous “abortion vigilante” law based upon the fugitive slave acts which pays a bounty to any rando forced birther in the country who turns in a medical provider, or a family member or friend who assists a Texas woman with obtaining an abortion. Texas aka Gilead has monitized anti-abortion extremism.

There she was in January, promising never to back down.

“ALL Baby Lives Fetuses Matter — every single heartbeat is a gift from God & we will never stop fighting to protect life.” she tweeted. “We must make Arizona a Sanctuary State for the unborn.”

But once a live baby is born, “You’re on your own baby!” Don’t expect us to pay taxes for early childhood healthcare, education, welfare and nutrition assistance, safe housing, etc. ‘Krazy Kari’ has proposed eliminating the state income tax. Arizona eliminated the state property tax decades ago. So what is she going to do, raise the regressive sales tax to pay for fundamental government services?

There she was in February, rooting for the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade so that Arizona’s territorial-era law – the one that criminalizes abortion even in cases of rape and incest – could make a comeback.

“I have a good feeling that they’re going to do the right thing …,” she said of the Supreme Court, during a Republican candidate forum. “We have a great law on the books right now, if that happens, we will be a state where we will not be taking the lives of our unborn anymore.”

In June, Lake’s spokesman said Lake is “pro-life but supports exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother” but he declined to elaborate. Meanwhile, she has called abortion  “the ultimate sin” and “murder”.

There was Lake in July, saying she supports that territorial-era law that mandates a two- to five-year prison sentence for anyone who provides an abortion to a victim of rape or incest or to anyone other than a dying girl or woman.

“My personal belief is that all life matters. All life counts, and all life is precious, and I don’t believe in abortion,” she said during the Republican gubernatorial debate. “I think the older law is going to take and is going to go into effect. That’s what I believe will happen.”

All life? Really? What’s her position on the state death penalty?

Lake also said that abortion pills should be outlawed — the ones used by roughly half of the Arizona women who obtained abortions in 2020 [well within the 15 weeks].

And there she was even just a few weeks ago, after a Pima County judge lifted the 49-year-old injunction that blocked enforcement of that territorial-era abortion ban.

“I’m pro-life,” Lake said on Fox News. “I’ve never backed away from that and never will.”

Until now, that is.

On Tuesday, KTAR’s Mike Broomhead asked whether abortion should be legal in cases of rape and incest.

“It would be really wonderful if abortion was rare and legal, the way they said it before,” Lake told Broomhead, referring to Bill Clinton and other Democrats who called for abortion to be “safe, legal and rare.”

“Remember ‘rare, but safe; rare, but safe?’” Lake added. “I think that’s what they said. Be really wonderful if that’s how it turned out.”

It’d be … wonderful?

Not even Masters has gone that far.

Unfortunately, Broomhead didn’t follow up with a question to clarify what appears to be a U-turn from the position staked out by Lake for well over a year.

Like I said, Broomfield really sucks at holding his guests accountable and getting straight answers, which I take it is not his thing. Just useless “infotainment” talk radio.

Her spokesman didn’t respond to a question about her change of heart about that “great” territorial-era law or her belief that “ALL Baby Lives Fetuses Matter.”

I’m guessing it has something to do with public opinion polls that show the vast majority of Arizonans believe abortion should be legal up to some point. And that, with just eight days until early ballots arrive. it’s at the top of many voters’ minds.

And so when confronted with a choice between the life of the unborn and the life of her gubernatorial campaign …

This lying POS extremist went with another lie hoping to fool some voters that “maybe she is not as crazy and extreme as people say she is.” I can assure you that she is every bit as crazy and extreme as people say, and likely much worse.

DO NOT make the mistake of voting for ‘Krazy Kari’ Lake. Let her go back to trolling for Fox News.