The above video is really worth a watch, unfortunately, remote playback is disabled and you need to click the link to view it on YouTube. Republican former Federal prosecutors and high cabinet officers set forth a powerful case that impeachment must be pursued.

Personally, I don’t understand why the Democratic Caucus has been so set against impeachment. Some claim that impeachment would play into Donald Trump’s hands and he would use the impeachment (and, presumably, his acquittal in the Senate) as a political bludgeon against the Democrats in 2020. Some point to the Clinton impeachment as a warning against political overreach by the opposition. I don’t put much stock in either caution, if only because Trump will play the victim no matter what we do or don’t do, so we might as well take the heat for a reason. Also, I think the Clinton impeachment is a poor analog to our current irritations; a better model is the Johnson impeachment. If we time the impeachment inquiry correctly, we might even have a chance of successfully convicting Trump in the Senate.

I think that if Democrats open an impeachment inquiry, we can spend as long as we want capturing the headlines with dramatic testimony about the President’s crimes: you can’t buy air time like that. Impeachment is one big negative ad against Trump; why wouldn’t you want it? Just keep the hearings going until just before the election and then, as your October surprise, drop a massive impeachment document. Who cares what the Senate does with it? They can wipe their asses with it for all it would matter.

If the impeachment trial has to continue past the election, all the better. What better treat for ALL involved would there be then a DEFEATED Trump facing impeachment? The Senate Republicans who have eaten Trump’s shit for the past several years would positively embrace the chance to rinse him out of their mouths with a GUILTY verdict.

Everyone talks about beating Trump in 2020, but what about 2024? Even if he’s defeated in 2020, he still can run in 2024. The only way to prevent that is to impeach him successfully and thereby ban Trump from holding office ever again. I think the Senate will be more open to convicting Trump if he’s a lame-duck who just lost the Presidency (and maybe, just maybe, the Senate, too).

We have to ensure we defeat Trump on the hustings AND impeach him in the Senate, but the timing has to be precise:

  • Open an impeachment inquiry
  • Create a daily drumbeat of scandalous revelations before the American People
  • Drop an impeachment on him on the eve of the election
  • Defeat him so soundly he can’t question the result
  • Let the Senate spit roast him in return for the last 4 years of hell he put us all through while he’s a dangerous lame duck President.