Former state Sen. Amanda Aguirre ‘exploring’ a primary challenge to Rep. Raúl Grijalva


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The Arizona Capitol Times (subscription required) reports that former Democratic state Sen. Amanda Aguirre exploring run for Grijalva’s U.S. House seat:

Former state Sen. Amanda Aguirre says she will formally create an exploratory committee [Tuesday]. The Yuma Democrat, who served in both the Arizona House of Representatives and Senate from 2003 until last year, cited Grijalva’s call last year for businesses to boycott Arizona because of SB1070 as part of the reason she is considering challenging him.

“He has represented the Tucson part of his district OK, but not the rest of it,” she said.

In addition to Grijalva’s call for a boycott, which he later said was a mistake, Aguirre said she disagrees with his stance on immigration.

“I don’t believe in his stance on open borders,” she said.

Aguirre was born in Mexico and immigrated to Arizona in 1987. She became an American citizen in 1992.

Aguirre said she believes the rural nature of the 7th Congressional District, which encompasses the southwestern part of the state and includes the western portions of Tucson and the far southwestern parts of Maricopa County, has not been represented in Congress.

“I’ve always represented rural communities (in the Legislature) and I think that I would like to continue to do that,” Aguirre said.

Aguirre said Democrats from across the district, including at least one Native American tribe and some in Grijalva’s political base in Tucson, have asked her to run.

Yeah, I can guess which anti-Grijalva "conservadems" in Grijalva’s political base in Tucson to which she is alluding. They are like a bad penny that just keeps turning up every two years.

Rumor has it, unconfirmed, that Republican-turned-Democrat David Crowe, who has been exploring a run for the U.S. Senate seat (he is still filed as a Senate candidate with the FEC as of the time of this post) is considering running against Rep. Grijalva as well. My source did not say whether as a Democrat or a Republican. If you have an announcement, Mr. Crowe, let me know.

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