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FrankApparently "Don't make me angry" Frank Antenori will not go quietly into that good night after his decisive defeats in the GOP primary for Congress in CD 2 and for state senator from LD 10 in November. He is back terrorizing the villagers again with violent eliminationist rhetoric.

The Yellow Sheet Report (subcription required) reported under this snarky caption "The Future's So Bright He's Gotta Wear Shades"(11/28/12):

Antenori is on his way out of the Legislature, but proponents of big government won’t have to wait too long before he is, once again, an elected “boil on their asses.”

He told our reporter today that he is already remodeling his house on Tucson’s east side and preparing to sell it before the 2016 election, when Reps. David Gowan and David Stevens will be termed out of the House, and two seats in the solidly-Republican LD14 will be open. “That would be the earliest,” he said. “My wife wants some time with me, she’s really thrilled about this.… I’ve been sitting on the couch with her watching TV. God, it’s freaking me out.”

Nice way to diss on the wife, Frank. The woman must be a saint for putting up with you.

Of course, the moving plans will get scrapped if the courts force the Redistricting Commission to redraw the political boundaries, Antenori noted. If that’s the case, he said he will try again for any seat that looks winnable.

He’s also mulling a run for Corp Comm in 2014, and said that if he could team up with the right Republican from Maricopa County, they could dominate a primary and sail through the general election. “Of course, I gotta pick the right guy. Maybe I’ll call Kirk Adams,” he said.

Riiight. Brilliant choice. Kirk Adams, the president of Americans for Responsible Leadership that was recently accused by the state of California of campaign contribution "money laundering," who is a client of Sean Noble's Koch brothers funded front group Center to Protect Patient Rights that was the conduit for the money laudering. Update – 'dark money' Americans for Responsible Leadership discloses donors: more non-profits. That's the kind of corrupt SOB we need on the Arizona Corporation Commission, serving alongside the unstable Antenori.

In the meantime, he said he’s still planning to continue his war on liberals and RINOs, but from a low-profile vantage point. “I’m going to be tinkering and playing around behind the scenes and causing a lot of grief to a lot of people who will probably not be happy that I’m still around,” he said, adding that he already has an offer in the political realm, but can’t talk about it yet: “I’ve got things in the works that I don’t want to disclose because I don’t want people to know what I’m up to. I’d rather snipe from the bushes.… That’s more fun, that’s back in my world. That’s the element that I thrive in.”

Well here's an idea, Frank. If the "element you thrive in" is "sniping from the bushes" why don't you reenlist and sign up for another tour in Afghanistan? We're still there until the end of 2014. Otherwise your violent eliminationist rhetoric has no place in American politics. We resolve our differences with ballots, not bullets.

Rumor has it that Antenori's "low-profile vantage point . . . offer in the political realm" is running for Pima County Republican Party Chair. I'm sure his war on RINOs that he wants to "snipe from the bushes" at is going to sit well with moderate Republicans and the Tucson business community who recently voted against Antenori with their wallets and their ballots. Nobody likes you Frank, not even Republicans. For Republicans concerned about this possibility, the Pima County Republican Party reorganization meeting is Saturday, December 15 at 9:00 a.m. (at a secret location TBD).

Maybe Bill Buckmaster will ask Frank Antenori about his plans and his violent eliminationist rhetoric when Antenori is a guest on the Bill Buckmaster Show at Noon on Tuesday, KVOI-AM 1030.

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  1. [Maybe Bill Buckmaster will ask Frank Antenori about his plans and his violent eliminationist rhetoric when Antenori is a guest on the Bill Buckmaster Show at Noon on Tuesday, KVOI-AM 1030.]

    Probably not because Crazy Frank was a favorite of the local wingnut radio stations (KNST, KQTH & KVOI).