Fred Duval is “boring”? The AZGOP should consider becoming less “interesting”.


By Craig McDermott, cross-posted from Random Musings

The Arizona Capitol Times ran a story today about Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred Duval's clear path to the nomination in 2014. (subscription required)

The money quote was from Robert Graham, chair of the AZGOP.

is a plain vanilla candidate. He has no texture to him and he has a
party that’s not working for him at this particular point."

granted, Fred Duval isn't Barack Obama or Bill Clinton on the stump. 
But to be fair, no one is, including (especially?) those vying for the
Republican nomination next year. 

On the other hand, he hasn't suffered the brain freeze heard 'round the world, either. 

Fred has been a successful businessman and dedicated public servant.  

More to the point, he is smart and accomplished and has a positive vision for Arizona.

Unlike, say, some of the candidates that Graham considers to be "exciting" –
– One was a senior executive of a company that markets its product by objectifying women, and not very subtly, either.
– Another brought ridicule to and wasted taxpayer resources of Arizona in the pursuit of a radical fantasy.
– Yet another was accused of defrauding franchisees and the government.

– One more proposed turning the state into a nuclear waste dump. 

– And the capper?  One was disbarred.

There is an old saw, a curse, about living in interesting times.

Mr. Graham may find that supporting "interesting" candidates is just as much a curse.


People who want to volunteer to help Fred's campaign sign up here;  people who want to make a financial contribution can do so here.