Fred DuVal proposes sweeping ethics reforms

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Democratic candidate for governor Fred DuVal has proposed sweeping ethics reforms which go beyond the weak half-measures currently being proposed by Republican legislative leaders at the capitol.


When we elect our representatives we expect them to act ethically and be good stewards of our tax dollars. Unfortunately, what we’ve seen is scandal after scandal and no one’s lifted a finger to change the culture of corruption at the State Capitol. Free tickets to sporting events, free meals from lobbyists, free flights and hotel rooms, it’s all got to stop.

That’s why I’ve published a plan to totally overhaul our ethics laws and clean up the State Capitol. My plan would require every elected official in the state and the lobbyists that attempt to influence them to abide by tough, new standards including:

•A complete ban on accepting gifts, including tickets, free travel, or hotel stays for events.

•Creating a State Ethics Commission to investigate reported ethics violations and punish rule breakers.

•Closing the loophole that allows “professional lobbyists” to influence legislators without registering as lobbyists.

•Banning any statewide elected official from serving on the board of a for-profit company while in office.

Ethics reform and good government are not partisan issues. Everyone in Arizona will benefit from cleaning up the system, which is why it’s so frustrating that we’ve seen no action in the more than two years since Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery recommended changes to our ethics laws in the wake of the Fiesta Bowl scandal.

As a taxpayer, I’m disgusted at the lack of attention ethics reform has received at the State Capitol. If our lawmakers continue to refuse to act, I will.


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