Fred DuVal unveils his Education Plan


Democratic candidate for governor Fred DuVal unveiled his Education Plan for Arizona today. Here is the campaign press release:

Fred DuVal Unveils Plan To Improve Arizona’s Schools

Fred DuValPhoenix, AZ — Business and education leader Fred DuVal, who is running for Arizona governor, today unveiled his plan to improve Arizona’s schools at a community event in Phoenix at Wesley Community Center.

“We’ve heard millions of words about fixing our schools because it’s so important. I’ve got a message for Arizonans that they haven’t heard before, and won’t hear from any other candidate: if you elect me governor, I’ll walk into the capitol and stop the cuts to our schools.”

“Moving Arizona forward depends on all of our children receiving a first-class education, but right now we’re leaving too many of our children behind. I’m committed to changing that.”

“My plan for building opportunity and our kids’ success has four main pillars:

1. Stop the cuts and start investing in our kids’ future

2. Inspire and raise expectations

3. Invest early in our children’s success; and

4. Make it easier to access workforce education and training.”

“There’s no doubt about it: turning Arizona’s education system around won’t be easy. It’s going to take determination and discipline to get us there. And people are going to fight against us every step of the way. But we have to get this right — nothing is more important. Our children’s future depends on it!”

A copy of DuVal’s plan is available here (.pdf).