Free First Thursday at Tucson Museum of Art


It’s June and it’s summer in the Southwest Desert, and it’s hot, hot, hot (100 degree F weather usually during the day).
As a result, I actively start looking for activities in cool AC, to inform our readers about.

So here’s a fun activity (art and guitar music), new at the downtown Tucson Museum of Art, 140 N. Main Ave.  RSVP via their FB page: (photo courtesy of their page).  Guitar music by Keli Carpenter in the lobby.

“Free Admission (on July 7)  from 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Escape the heat at the Tucson Museum of Art! Enjoy an evening exploring the exhibitions and great art while enjoying live guitar music in the Museum’s lobby.”

Keep cool.

One response to “Free First Thursday at Tucson Museum of Art

  1. Surprised at the large amt. of people at this event tonight, especially families and young people, admiring art. Enjoyed the “Into the Night” exhibit of nocturnal photos and paintings, esp. an aquatint etching of High Street in Oxford, 1914. On the 2nd floor down there’s a wonderful, cool painting entitled “Nocturnal: Flowers of the Sea” by David Andres, of the undersea world. Then check out “Water Flow – Under the Colorado River” for even more refreshing artwork. Next Free First Thursday is August 4, with lots of free parking after hours on the street or the TMA lot. Listen too to the soothing guitar music as well in the lobby. What a deal, all for free.