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Plan 9 from Outer Space: Livestream Movie Party!

wednesday, april 1 AT 7:30PM | free LIVESTREAM ON YOUTUBE!

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“In a world gone mad, perhaps only Ed Wood can save us!  So this April Fool’s Day, find a comfy couch, put on your Tor Johnson mask, and enjoy a special livestream screening of the legendary Z-movie classic, Plan 9 from Outer Space! Join your Horror Host with the Most, Loft Cinema Program Director Jeff Yanc, as we watch Edward D. Wood, Jr.’s deliriously awful and totally hilarious tale of grave robbers from another world running amok through 1950s Hollywood, and you’ll get all the awe-inspiring special effects, head-scratching dialogue and Bela Lugosi stand-in’s you can handle from the safety and sanity of your own home. Live chat with us during the movie and help us figure out exactly why Plan 9 is, indeed, the very best Plan of all! Don’t miss out on this social-distancing extravaganza and heed the words of well-groomed psychic Criswell: “Can you PROVE it didn’t happen?!?”

With its incoherent plot, jaw-droppingly odd dialogue, inept acting, threadbare production design, and special effects so shoddy that they border on the surreal, Plan 9 from Outer Space, from the immortal Ed Wood, Jr., has often been called the worst movie ever made. While that’s probably true, it’s also an oddly loveable disaster; packed with genuine enthusiasm and undeniable charm, it’s obviously the work of a man who loved movies and loved making them, even if he displayed little visible talent in that particular area. In this epic tale of Cold War-era extraterrestrial invasion, sarcastic aliens in shiny ice- skating outfits zoom around in string-powered flying saucers to implement the dreaded “Ninth Plan” for Earth’s conquest (the first eight apparently failed), a brilliant plan fueled by an army of zombies (well, three actually): a feeble old man dressed in a Dracula costume (Bela Lugosi, in a legendary “post-mortum” performance completed with the stand-in help of a much taller chiropractor); the old man’s much younger and ridiculously well-proportioned wife (played by Vampira); and a remarkably chunky, quasi-unintelligible police officer (pro wrestler Tor Johnson). Truly hilarious and consistently entertaining (if almost always for the wrong reasons), Plan 9 from Outer Space is perhaps the best Grade Z anti-masterpiece of all-time! (Dir. by Edward D. Wood Jr., 1959, 79 mins., Not Rated) “

Carolyn’s note:  Not an April Fool’s Day joke, but it will be livestreaming on April 1st. The Loft Cinema temporarily closed its doors on March 15 (in our “world gone mad” due to the COVID 19 pandemic), but stay tuned for the re-opening. Take out that popcorn packet and join some of us Loft Volunteers, viewing this sci-fi movie in the safety of our homes.  Stay safe everyone, and watch out for Plan 9.