From Last Night’s Debate, a Prediction of Sorts of a Flip-Flop in the Making


Look carefully, and you often can see political flip-flops coming before they arrive.

I doubt the politician’s thinking evolves very often, as they routinely claim. What does evolve is their language and tone (along with their political calculation, of course).

Parse Hillary’s language last night regarding Glass-Steagall, and that was on full display.

At October’s debate, Hillary’s opposition to re-instituting Glass-Steagall was firm. Last night, it was squishy, at best, bordering on “I’m not opposed to re-instituting Glass-Steagall; I just don’t think it’s the answer.”

What’s at play here? Two competing factors, I think. The first, which has controlled the political calculus so far, is the general election. If she promotes the re-insitution of Glass-Steagall, the avalanche of Wall Street cash to the Republican side will be horrific. The second is undoubtedly ugly polling of Democratic primary voters on the issue, which is generating concerns about vulnerability.

Last night, then, Clinton was setting up a potential change in position. If Sanders’ poll numbers rise and he does well in the early primary going, the shift may occur. Otherwise, no.

What are her true feelings? Do we really need ask? After all, she received multiple six-figure speaking fees from Goldman Sachs, right?


  1. bob I am a fighting street democrat. I am southern (but not ignorant) white trash democrat though part native american. If you think I have made elitist comments please point them out to me. I am up from the gutter not down from on high! Read my screenplay at: it will help explain me.

  2. The AP “Fact Check” tied Glass-Steagall and “Break Up the Big Bank” together, and said “nearly all the large financial institutions that failed…were investment banks or insurance companies, and their failure wouldn’t have been prevented if Glass-Steagall had still been in effect.” They ignored the larger issue of banks being, as the former AG implied, “too big to jail” and the outsized control that the five or six largest banks have on our economy.

  3. bob hillary is going to be are next president. while elitist liberals like you and tom hartman and non elitist leftys like my self are going to vote for bernie sanders woman and minorities are voting for hillary. mrs. president get used to it!

    • Thanks Mr. “non-elitist,” but the post did not go to whether or not Hillary is going to be the next president, did it? Given that, what’s your point? Are you implying that everyone should just stop commenting on the presidential race entirely because you’ve now deemed it a certainty that Hillary is going to win? Or are you implying that I fail to comprehend that Hillary is the odds-on favorite at this point to win? Even an elitist can read poll numbers, you know.

      And are you really a “non-elitist”? An elitist is one who places himself above others. Reviewing your comments over the past year, can you really say that the smug confidence you exude regarding the superiority of your intellect does not betray at least a smidgeon of elitism?

      • It is not smugness as norman mailer used to say I go into the ring and wait to see if someone else climbs into the ring to knock me out!

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