A massacre of children and their teachers. Someone who should never have had a gun. And, at that, a military-grade rifle that belongs on a battlefield, not in an elementary school classroom. So when my husband Mark Kelly and I heard, we knew it was time for politicians to stop talking and start leading.

That was a decade ago after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School when Mark and I decided to get off the sidelines and get to work.


Now, in Uvalde, Texas, it has happened again – like so many mass shootings that have taken too many lives. Buffalo, New York. Santa Fe, Texas. Las Vegas, Nevada. Aurora, Colorado.

Stop this madness

And I’m finished with urging politicians to lead. I’m furious. The only way forward — the only way to stop this madness, this needless bloodshed that is an outrage and a blot on our country — is to elect leaders who will end this display of Washington at its worst right now.

Mark, who now represents Arizona in the U.S. Senate, is one of them. Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell — and all the moneyed interests willing to allow elementary-aged children to be massacred rather than do something — are committed to spending whatever it takes to defeat him.

The continuation of gun violence is one reason to be outraged. It’s not the only one. By overturning Roe v. Wade, Donald Trump’s Supreme Court justices will send American women hurtling decades backward to a time when politicians, not women, made decisions about women’s health care in this country.

Now state legislators can impose extreme abortion restrictions on the most vulnerable women. Women struggling against poverty. Women whose pregnancies threaten their health or even their lives. Women who have survived rape or incest.

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I could go on. There’s the assault on voting rights. The prospect that Mitch McConnell will become Majority Leader and block any judicial nomination President Biden makes. The possibility that Donald Trump -who declared that “taking America back begins with kicking Mark Kelly the hell out of the United States Senate” — will return to office.

These politicians are indifferent to the slaughter of children and hostile to the most basic freedoms of their constituents. And here’s the thing to understand: It’s not an accident that they get elected. They get elected because dark money groups prop them up to buy votes.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee recently spent $1 million attacking Mark in Arizona. Sound like a lot? Consider this: They spent that in one week. They’re planning on spending $8 million more. One of Mark’s opponents has committed to spending $50 million. A $13.5 million Super PAC backs another.

Distorting the truth

These politicians get elected because they distort the truth. Mark has a record of fighting for the issues we care about most, not ones championed by corporate special interests, which is exactly why they’re targeting him. They get elected because they divide Americans along bitter and artificial lines – the very divisions Mark is working so hard to bridge on issues ranging from gun safety to the price of prescription drugs.

And why are they so determined to defeat Mark for re-election? Because they care about one thing: their own power. And seizing it starts in Arizona. Mitch McConnell knows he can’t become Majority Leader again unless he defeats Mark. Likewise, Donald Trump knows his comeback begins with reclaiming the Senate — which only happens if he can win in Arizona.

My husband U.S. Senator Mark Kelly, and I know too well, and too personally, the devastation that gun violence can inflict. If you’re as outraged as Mark and I and are ready to take action, please support his re-election campaign today.

Democratic US Senator Mark Kelly