For the contested statewide races, go to the Az Sec. of States’s website for the results.  If close, the outcome won’t be known for a while due to counting of provisional ballots cast on the day of the election.


For contested races in Southern Arizona, here’s the early results, but stay tuned for updates for the close races:

CD 2 —

Eli Crane (R)   125,535

Tom O-Halleran (D), incumbent  110, 428

CD 6  (open seat) – too close to call

Juan Ciscomani (R)  115,210

Kirsten Engel (D)  112,797

CD 7

Raul Grijalva (D), incumbent  65,533

Luis Pozzolo (R)  27,678

CD 17 Senate (open seat) – too close to call

Mike Nickerson (D)  39,043

Justine Wadsack (R)  39,730

LD 17 House (2 open seats) – too close to call

Dana Allmond (D)  37,265

Rachel Jones (R)  37,905

Cory McGarr (R)  37,296

Brian Radford (D)  35,279

LD 18 Senate (open seat)

Stan Caine (R)  16,497

Priya Sundaresan (D)  37,557

LD 18 House (2 seats)

Linda Evans (R)  16,607

Nancy Gutierrez (D)  34,929

Chris Mathis (D), incumbent 33,733

LD 19 House (2 seats)

Sanda Clark (D)  25,321

Gail Griffin (R), incumbent  32,245

Lupe Diaz (R), incumbent  29,314

LD 21 Senate

Rosanna Gabaldon (D)  21,461

Jim Cleveland (R)  9350

LD 21 House

Consuelo Hernandez (D)   19,592

Stephanie Hamilton (D)  18,027

Deborah McEwen (R)  8624

Other Senate & House offices in LD 19 and 20 in Southern Arizona are uncontested and were determined in the Az Primary.

TUSD Governing Board (2 open seats):  too close to call

Brieanna Chillious  14,468

Jennifer Eckstrom  36,838

Luis A. Gonzales  19,849

Val Romero  25,414

William Soland  15,498

Rebecca Zapien  23,338


Pima Community College governing board (2 seats)

District 2:

Demion Clinco, incumbent  7399

Theresa Riel  12,021

District 4:

Nick Pierson  14,120

Greg Taylor  18,184

Stay tuned for election updates for the close races, due to the provisional ballots.  Congratulations to all the winners.  Looks like Arizona is turning from purple to blue.

Updating the close races in CD 2 and 6; as well as in LD 17 Senate & House, and the TUSD Governing Bd. race.