Good Riddance Kyrsten Sinema

Kyrsten Sinema won’t say the words, but she has telegraphed that she won’t run for re-election to the US Senate.

She has no base of support. Long before she announced on Dec 9, 2022, that she was independent, she abandoned the Democrats who elected her. Like a dead skunk in the middle of the road, she is not desirable for Republicans either.

Third-party candidates hardly ever win. She alienated many Democrats by pushing back against a plan to eliminate the Senate filibuster to allow legislation to pass with a majority, as well as with a vote against increasing the minimum wage. Many of her closest relationships in the Senate are with Republicans.

In the meantime, Democrat Rep. Ruben Gallego and MAGA loon Kari Lake are raising money and hiring campaign teams to take her seat. Gallego and Lake are even running attack ads against Sinema.

Gallego $3.3M, Sinema Only $595K

Gallego raised an impressive $3.3 million in the fourth quarter of 2023, collecting an average of $29 from more than 114,000 donations. He announced that he has raised more than $13 million since announcing his Senate bid in January 2023, and he heads into the election year with $6.5 million in cash on hand. Krazy Kari Lake raised only $2.1 million.

Time has run out for Sinema. She needs to gather 42,000 signatures to get on the ballot by April 8 (67 days from now), a process the Washington Post reports would cost about $1 million but hasn’t started yet. She canceled a fundraiser last fall and has not rescheduled it.

The polling averages suggest Sinema has a very steep path to victory as an independent.

Her fundraising has been lackluster. Sinema raised just $595,000 last quarter, which suggests she’s either already decided not to run — or that she just doesn’t have that many supporters left. Recent polls confirm this, showing Sinema in last place.

13 thoughts on “Good Riddance Kyrsten Sinema”

  1. I think that “negotiating” an immigration bill was the Last Tango for (Out-the-Door-in-24) Senator Sinema, but it looks like it will not be brought to fruition anytime soon.

    She can’t take credit for the Infrastructure legislation because Biden/Harris staked that (bwa ha ha).

    Nothing left for Girlfriend but to transfer her 11 million dollars (so far) to a personal account next January and keep on keeping on. She’ll more than likely be offered 7 figure jobs because in American politics, selling out can be very profitable. Maybe she can still bankroll her lavish lifestyle.

    I guess we should all look the other way and be glad when she’s gone. I’d like to think a lesson has been learned, but I’m not feeling it.

    • Apparently she’s marking time waiting on the lucrative no-show job from her Wall Street benefactors. If she’s major despised on both sides of the aisle I can’t see her becoming a lobbyist.

      • Not saying “told you so” makes you a better man than I, Mr. Wileybud.

        If her post political career is as corrupt as we assume it will be, maybe she can be the poster person for political corruption and we’ll get some changes made.

        Like making lemonade from a corrupt immoral POS.

        • Or, maybe Netflix or HBO will make a biopic from her humble beginnings in the gas station to saving the US Senate’s filibuster. But all kidding aside, I strongly suspect Sinema will be looking for a book deal.

          • If Trump picks a woman, and he might after being burned by disloyal white man Mike Pence, Elise Stefanik appears to be first in line.

          • Elise Stefanik reminds me of an elementary school apple polishing tattletale. If El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago picks a woman for VP it will be someone whose views have always been in line with his. Vivek Ramaswamy in drag?

          • Well, whoever gets picked for VP by the winning geriatric candidate, Democrat or Republican, has a good chance of becoming POTUS.

            It’s unbelievable but appears to be what’s happening, Trump and Biden.

        • Damn! I should have composed a comment where the first letter of each word spells out “I told you so!” C’est la vie.

  2. Sinema is an easy target when you talk about her clothing choices, but focusing on it is demeaning, sexist and especially not appropriate, especially from a progressive writer.
    Also, “chunky”??? Looking at her height and weight, her BMI is 21.1, which falls right in the center of “Normal” BMI. So not only was that a sexist comment, but just plain wrong.
    Sinema as a politician has much to criticize. Let’s practice what we preach when it comes to comments about a woman politician. In other words, pretend she is a man.

    • The post does not refer to Sinema’s attire or maybe Mr. Bodine removed the reference. However, do you find it interesting that it was Senator John Fetterman’s shorts and hoodies that prompted the Senate to pass a resolution formalizing business attire as the proper dress code for Senators when they are on the Senate floor?

      As constituents we have the right to expect our elected representatives to respect the governing institution that they serve. And one way to show respect is to dress appropriately. It’s a no brainer.

      • He left the 3 pictures up that call her “hefty” . The comments are below the pictures. I mistakenly said chunky.


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