GOP Congressman brags the Benghazi! panel is really just ‘Beat Hillary Fight Club’


Cartoon_31When are the feckless media villagers going to stop being complicit in and willing accessories to this partisan witch hunt?

The House Select Committee on Benghazi has, from the moment of its conception, been a partisan witch hunt.

Greg Sargent reports in the Morning Plum today:

The internets are abuzz this morning with the news that another Republican has been dangerously candid about the true nature of the House Benghazi investigation:

In an interview with WIBX 950 in New York on Wednesday, moderate Republican Rep. Richard Hanna said House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was speaking the truth when he said this month that the committee had successfully injured Clinton.

“Sometimes the biggest sin you can commit in D.C. is to tell the truth,” Hanna told the upstate New York radio station. “This may not be politically correct, but I think that there was a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people and an individual, Hillary Clinton.”

Such an admission, of course, is not on the level of the one coming from McCarthy, who is a member of the leadership. That said, Rep. Hanna went significantly further than McCarthy did. McCarthy merely boasted that the probe had driven down Clinton’s numbers, but he stopped short of saying that this was the actual rationale for the investigation. Hanna explicitly says here that the probe was designed to “go after” Clinton.

“The Clinton campaign pounced on Hanna’s remarks, and you can bet that they will soon end up in a Clinton ad (helpfully, there is audio) just as McCarthy’s did.”


  1. Congress cut the state department’s budget before Benghazi. That tidbit came out whenever the first Benghazi committee questioned her. I’ve lost count how many times they have investigated this.

    How many millions of dollars has Congress wasted on a witch hunt? It probably rivals how much they spent on Whitewater.

    • Congress would have spent the money anyway, so it really isn’t wasted. It is a fixed cost of keeping Congress in session. If they weren’t doing this, they would be doing something else, so the money was going to be spent regardless.

  2. My Goodness, you keep trying to build a mountain out of a mole hill. Of course they are going after Hillary for the screw-up at Benghazi. Who else would they go after? She was the Secretary of State and the person responsible responsible for the Enbassy. To say that the Hearings are going after Hillary and the people under her isn’t political intrigue, it is the result of BIG mistakes that were made and trying to determine who was responsible. And it isn’t something sneaky to say it has probably hurt her in the polls, it is more of a blinding glimpse of the obvious. Then again, preaching to the choir seems to be something you enjoy, so preach on!

    • The “screw up in Benghazi” was caused by the Congress. Clinton asked for more money for security, and instead, Congress CUT her budget.

      • Benghazi is not that simple. You should go back and read what happened. The problems with Benghazi are only minimally connected with security. It is the action taken and NOT taken, the reason why certain decisions were made, how much was driven by politics, who made those decisions, when were they made, etc. Congressional funding had nothing to do with what made Benghazi a major issue.

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